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Latest Putin: NashStore

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Vladimir Putin is an alternative to the Google Play Store which will be called NashStore (in Russian “our store”): it will be an alternative app store for Android mobile devices and among the applications there are also applications bank cards Russian mir. It will be presented in May 9 On the occasion of the National Day that celebrates the victory of World War II. A cure can be worse than a disease and we will see why in detail.

A few days after the Russians invaded Ukraine, Europe and a large part of the world responded firmly: all trade, exchange and negotiations with the Russian Federation were suspended. From Apple to YouTube and Google Play, they were all suspended in March Payment based services, including subscriptions, as Western sanctions affected and banks began to block payments and debit cards. Today, this form of protest is called purse war, to indicate that no weapons are used, but perhaps, in a smarter way, money is used.

NashStore, Putin’s technological autonomy

The Russians’ response was not long in coming: It’s the NashStore platform that he introduced Vladimir Zykovproject manager digital platforms, an organization focused on the digital development of the Russian economy. Intentions Zykov However, it is nothing but patriotic and has something to do with market conquest Online Transactionsleft blank at this time.

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Indeed, Zykov stated in a statement: “Unfortunately, Russians can no longer use Google Play to purchase applications normally, and developers have lost their source of income. That’s why we created a Russian app store, NashStore“.

NashStore will get Russian data

Since NashStore will be an application designed for the Russian domestic market only and below government control, it can also be used to collect much more data than advertised. All those who deal with transactions for the purchase of applications, first of all: if a Russian citizen buys (or downloads for free) an encrypted chat application from the NashStore, the government will have the opportunity to find out.

But not only that, because there are also those who assume a much worse scenario: through NashStore, in fact, they can be introduced into applications Spying programs or Trojans To collect environmental information. Perhaps Russian citizens know this, but they have no alternative.

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