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It’s stopping the service and going back to the past

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PostePay users are used to being offered bonuses of various kinds by the Italian Post Office, which is interesting, however, with a short-term expiration.

PostePay, Post Office –

For some time now, this financial management device has been one of the favorite tools of Italians.

PostePay, back to the past

Simplicity of use and infraredVery good management costs.

With this prepaid card, it is possible to perform operations that make this tool very similar to those that can be used with checking accounts.

in the frame Marketing strategy Poste also includes various promotions and initiatives to gain approval from users.

Expenses accrued with reimbursement

PostePay holders who signed up for the fun cashback can benefit from 1€ per transaction made through A minimum of 10 euros.

The limit is set at €10 per day. Pleasant additional income that allowed the owners to get something back, on the expenses made.

Participation in this initiative proposed by Poste Italiane has seen the use of the PostePay app, which is fairly easy to use. To do this, it was sufficient to frame the visible QR code on the objects for sale in Affiliate shops.

Postpaid Apr
Postpaid Apr –

To find out what locations and stores you can buy from and get the right to a refund, it was necessary to open the application and access the map in the “Near you” section.

Unfortunately, the deadline is now and except for the extension notification arriving, as has already happened in the past, the deadline is a date March 31.

Not a very remote possibility, given the huge positive feedback this initiative has received. Many joined, especially after the state’s cashback system was not renewed.

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There is no longer any doubt about the eventual halt to cashback and despite the fact that 8.9 million Italians have joined the initiative. In fact, by the end of June 2021 we said goodbye to the project once and for all.

The plan for cashless Italy has been studied and implemented by the government in order to encourage the use of cards.

But also for apps used to make payments. way to encourageThe development of technology Plus more digital payment, certainly fast, simple and Above all transparent.

So if you haven’t taken advantage of the last few hours to get your secured cache for PostePay owners, you just have to hope to extend this one more time!

PostePay, card reader
PostePay, card reader –

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