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Komo Hockey League U11 finished third in the Usta Eastern International Championship

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Good news for Hockey Como for City Club is coming from the youth sector.

Good news for Hockey Como for City Club is coming from the youth sector

Hockey Cuomo Malkov and Giako’s team were champions of two thrilling days that were crowned with success on penalties in the final against St. Gervais.

Good news from the youth sector in Hockey Como. The Under11 team actually won the prestigious third place overall in the 2022 edition of the Usta International Eastern Championship that was held in recent days with the participation of twelve teams. Larian’s team led by coaches Malikov and Giako played two days of intense competition, and finally reached the podium. In the qualifying stage on Saturday and Sunday, the young Larian scored 4 wins, losing only to Lausanne and finishing their group in second place. In the next round, Como players won four draws against Bolzano and Saint Gervais and another defeat against Lausanne, thus qualifying for the 3–4 final against the French side Saint Gervais. A podium finish did not disappoint and was decided, after 1-1 in organizational time, only on penalties with the success of Lariano’s kids. It should be noted that Michele Pasini from Como deservedly received the award for the best goalkeeper of the entire tournament.

Under 11 hockey games Como finished third in Usta

Qualifying Round Results

Como – Usta Gladiators 1-0

Como – Valpellice Bulldogs 4-2

Como – Hc Rivers white 5-2

Como – Lausanne HC 2-4

Como – SSV Leifers Hockey 3-1

3rd – 4th place final

Como Hockey – Saint Gervais 2-1 D

1st and 2nd place

HC Bozen – HC Bozen 2-5

Hockey Como U11 Awards
Hockey Como Under11 Award at Usta

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