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Kissinger: “Russia lost, but now we need to talk to Moscow to avoid nuclear escalation. It doesn’t matter if we like Putin or not.”

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“Dialogue, even if it is exploratory, is essential in this nuclear atmosphere. It doesn’t matter if we like Putin or not. We must not associate diplomatic work with the personality of those standing before us. Russia lost We must avoid nuclear escalation.”. The 99-year-old’s Appeal to Realism and Common Sense Henry Kissinger, American diplomatic historian, State Counsel to Presidents Nixon and Carter. Kissinger spoke in Council on Foreign Relations New York and its discourse Corriere della Sera Today’s reports on great clips. Moscow’s annexation of four Ukrainian regions theoretically increases the risk of nuclear weapons being used. As lands considered by the Kremlin as Russian An attack in these areas would justifybased on the Moscow Strategic Principles, Employment Even from atomic bombs to defend it. Perhaps tactical weapons, that is, with destructive capabilities of small size. but The red line will be crossed Kissinger argues that “the world order will suffer.” Mess of historical significance.”The decision is up to us – Kissinger insists – Imagine Dialogue It maintains our security and brings us back to the spirit of coexistence. The Overthrow of the opposition leader It should not appear as a prerequisite.”

Many geopolitical analysts agree that the risks of using nuclear weapons It hasn’t been higher since the 1962 Cuban missile crisis I also agree that NATO’s response to Russia’s use of the atomic bomb must take place with conventional weapons. Kissinger also believes that: “NATO should interact with conventional weapons for as long as possible. But Russian leaders need to know That in the case of the use of nuclear weapons The terms of the peace agreement will only get worse, Russia will emerge as a nation weaker before.” It seems that this kind of warning has already been delivered From Washington to Moscow in this days. The White House argued that using atomic tactics would be totally unacceptable and would “Serious consequences”while maintaining some ambiguity as to what this means, and which geopolitical strategists hold to be correct.

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After all, NATO has shown in recent months that it has one Obvious technological superiority in relation to conventional weapons supplied to Kyiv. In the First and Second World Wars, Russia has proven its ability to threaten Europe on the basis of conventional weapons, Now this force has been overcome,” Reflects the former foreign minister. Ukraine’s morale should not be disappointed. It must have a role in the peace process. The protection of freedom in the country includes its membership in the European Union. As for his relationship with NATO, it was already resolved by events. This is why Russia lost,” concludes Kissinger. Curious as every day Republic From the family owned Jedi collection Agnelli Elkann, In turn, take into account the words of Kissinger, which ascribe to him much more that “If Putin uses the atomic bomb, his country will be destroyed” is the title of the reconstruction of the discourse. In the article with quotes from the intervention, there are very few of them and it seems that the former foreign minister is suggesting that NATO use the atomic bomb in turn, completely distorting the meaning of the speech.

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