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Kherson was injured. And so the fugitive Russians made scorched earth –

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From Andrea Nicastro

Destruction of civilian infrastructure. Boats on the river: 30 boats destroyed me. Mariupol was destroyed by cannon fire by the Russians until the defenders surrendered

Who sent us to Arkhangelskoye

There is a way to conquer cities, similar to Genghis Khan, the Crusaders and the ancient Romans. There is another more recent one. This also kills, but in short, different. Mariupol was destroyed by cannon fire by the Russians until the defenders surrendered. Cities and civilians were forced to share the fate of their mother-in-law with arms. The siege method has arrived identically since the dawn of history, passing through Stalingrad, Dresden and Berlin. The blockade that allowed Ukraine to retake Kherson was different.

Pictures from the city show buildings and streets largely intact. Precision missiles hit military bases, warehouses, connection lines and artillery positions. The bombing of Kyiv was aimed at the Russian forces occupying the city, not civilian residential buildings. Much of the credit goes to America’s Hemar missiles, which are able to reach their target using a proven satellite guidance system. The explosion type also appears to be suitable for the urban environment. The missile enters from the roof and explodes without breaking the walls of the building. For those who have misfortune inside, there is no escape, but beyond the wall, only passers-by or a stray dog ​​are afraid. Intelligence was also key: a combination of drone images and information transmitted by residents. Once the electronic map of military facilities was built, it was enough to enter the coordinates into the missile and destroy it.
Thus the vital nodes of the Russian army were stationed while Kherson remained standing.
The Russians had to withdraw because they risked not receiving ammunition, gasoline, and men to make up for the dead.

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When the Kremlin decided to withdraw to the eastern side of the Dnipro, the Kremlin gave another ancient order: scorched earth. Before leaving, Russian troops systematically sabotaged civilian infrastructure, drinking water pumping systems, electrical exchange stations, central heating systems, and telephone antennas. There is a logic. They support civilians, but they also facilitate the arrival of Ukrainian soldiers.

Three days after the Russian withdrawal, today Kherson must be evacuated, repaired and made livable.
It could still turn into a trench in the event of a Moscow counterattack, and if it was not convenient for the Ukrainian soldiers, then it would be better for Putin’s forces. The devastation he left behind would deprive Kyiv of the resources and energy to fight. For a while, at least. The Russians are on the other side of the Antonovsky Bridge, a little over a kilometer away, and they have to barricade themselves.

Alexander explains that they behaved the same way here in Arkhangelskoye in the countryside. Sixty-six years old, widower, beekeeper, Alexander was alone eight months under Russian occupation. Not because I was on their side, but because I didn’t want to leave the bees and my tool shed. Would you like to do it again? of course not. I didn’t know what occupation meant. I’m old, but when they bombed, I was faster than a runner to throw myself into the basement. Alexander tells of the animals abandoned by villagers who fled homes occupied and robbed by the Russians, but the worst was when they left: those that were not destroyed by the bombs, were stolen or vandalized. My car is still here only because it has a cracked window and they didn’t want to.

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Victor lives less than 500 meters away while a crow flies from Alexander’s cells. Between the two is the Inhulets River. The encounter was not a problem because Victor was a farmer, but he was also a navigator. We got to the shore, shouted pereviznyk, the navigator, and Viktor left the shovel for the oar. The Russians destroyed my 30 boats. They passed by the drone, saw them even if you tried to hide them in the reeds, and bombed them. why? Because at night I was transporting people to the area controlled by the Ukrainian army. how many? Two and three thousand. I didn’t count them.

Victor is the hero who stayed with a toy boat, but he still works in the boat. Free for refugees who want to return now. Its river is twelve meters wide and a maximum of two meters deep, but it has served as a front line for months. Tanks can’t pass, banks are very steep. Twelve meters of swift water was enough. Now the front is the Dnipro River, at least one kilometer wide, and even eight in some places. Kherson on the one hand and the Russians on the other. It won’t be easy for anyone. But heymars get where they want to go.

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