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“Stop the fighting.” Now China is taking sides: This is what Beijing is asking for

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frequency. The United Nations abstained from voting on a General Assembly resolution condemning Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and calling for the withdrawal of Russian forces. The New York Times has received a request to postpone the attack so that you can celebrate the Olympics without a hitch at home. Today, nine days after the first bombs fell, it started China Take a stand for the first time against war.

Beijing Foreign Minister Wang Yi made this during a phone call with the US Secretary of State Anthony Blinkenwho asked to be able to face his Chinese counterpart. Ye was clear:Stop the fighting as quickly as possible to protect human lives and avoid large-scale humanitarian crisesThus, the goal was set: China encourages direct negotiationsas mentioned before Global TimesOne of the official organs of the Chinese Communist Party. In short, let’s let Russia and Ukraine talk to each other again with the basics cooperation The international community is in favor of the result of the cessation of Russian aggression. “Negotiations may not go smoothly, but the community should continue to cooperate and supportWang continued.

But the head of the Dragon Diplomacy also expanded the image toEuropean UnionDemanding that the Brussels authorities join the negotiations – Beijing demands that it beequal dialogues– with Russia, Boy and the United States so that we can”Addressing the contradictions and problems that have accumulated over the years“However, Ye did not miss any opportunity to view it The beach in Moscow: The eastward expansion of NATO, he argues, has had “The negative impact“On Russia’s security concerns, a thesis that President Vladimir Putin used as a justification for invading a free and sovereign country. The Chinese Foreign Minister finally commented on the hypothesis common european armyasks him to beBalanced, efficient and sustainable“.

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