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Canada and Italy together for sustainable fashion

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Canada is also one of the socio-economic realities that pays the most attention to the current dynamics of the green economy and to sustainable and innovative production processes.

Even if the epidemic happens in 2020 Negative impact on Italian exports to CanadaThere are some areas that need more attention, and they will be developed commercially in the next few months.

With the health emergency, in addition to the reduction in exports, emerged Modified Purchasing Methods in Canada: Growing Online BusinessBy approaching the physical points of sale the focus is on the intrinsic quality of the materials used, compared to the purchasing practice.

An increasingly important factor is the environmental compatibility of productsCompliance with the rules governing production processes and the purchase of goods produced nearby and the quality of materials used for the production of garments and standard production processes.

Italy excels in innovation and sustainability, an important employment approach that has transformed the mindset of Canadian consumers..

Thanks for the latest research created and disseminated by Italy Canada Research Center It emerged that the general commitment should be objective Equipping the Italian fashion system with the tools to be known and appreciated by people in Canada Respect Environmental sustainability The social and societal aspects of Italian civilization are characterized by the uniqueness of the Italian districts, the proximity of production and the quality of the products.

The optimistic fatigue of the effects of the epidemic may bring renewed attention of Italian companies to Canada in the fashion and fashion industry. The renewed focus of Italian companies towards Canada is to bring together Italian manufacturers and professionals to start potential business relationships in Canada, an opportunity for growth towards sustainable cooperation between the two countries.

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The Canadian market needs more products that combine quality and design with environmental sustainability and Italian companies are ready to accept the challenge. Currently, most purchases are made online, they tend to be more informal and only brands that do not have a clear and distinct personality are more vulnerable.

Reverse, For names with a strong vision and an effective approach to the digital world, there are all the conditions to be confident..

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