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Field hockey, Ferrini and Amsikura after Europe is the championship again

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Ferrini and Amsicura are in Europe to represent Italy in the European club tournaments, but the league did not wait and one match left forcing them to chase. So while the two teams from Cagliari were busy until Monday maintaining Italy’s position in “Cup 2” in Northern Ireland (Amsicura) and in “Challenge 1” in Croatia (Ferini), reaching the goal thanks to their fifth place each, it so happens that Bra and Tevere. So one of them separates, and the other reaches Ferrini. Bondino also won, leaving Amsicura’s penultimate place. Therefore, we will play tomorrow, in the penultimate round, with heartache and at the end of a tournament that promises to be tense. Bondeno-Ferrini and Bra-Amsicora tomorrow, not just two away games. By pure arithmetic, and for ranking reasons, in addition to playing to win, Tisera and Ojeda’s teams are also rooting for each other.

Bra-Amsicora, it wasn’t that long ago a scudetto was worth it. Today, the Piedmontese lead the standings with Valchesoni, Amescura desperate for points to stay in the race for redemption, knowing that in the last three rounds, including recovery, they are facing the top three in the standings. So the calendar offers no support, and Amsicora must try to get points to avoid relegation.

Ferrini has no alternatives in Bondino, and she has to win to stay on top. Bondeno is energized by the latest positive that keeps him out of the red (but Amsicora is -1). In recent matches in Croatia, Ferrini has made the injured players (Idris and Ojeda) catch their breath, and now they are ready for the last step towards qualifying for the final. But tomorrow does not end like this. Wednesday is the day when the Ferrini – Amsicora derby in “Maxia” is restored. Bad days for hockey players.

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