Home Top News Keeping Your Home and Business Safe With Advantech Surveillance System Kits

Keeping Your Home and Business Safe With Advantech Surveillance System Kits

Keeping Your Home and Business Safe With Advantech Surveillance System Kits

Home security systems have come a long way since their inception. Installing one used to require costly professional installation and lengthy contracts; today’s DIY smart alarm solutions offer simpler, more budget-friendly options that are easier to set up and use.

Tech companies have invested their research and development resources into automated security systems that are user-friendly and cost-effective to run. These are worth keeping an eye on in 2019.

Equipment for security systems being offered in 2019 include DIY smart alarm solutions, automated security systems, and other tech-based solutions.


Modern security systems boast cutting-edge technology. They may feature high-resolution cameras, color night vision, or a wide viewing angle; however, these can also be quite pricey to store.

Storage options are important, and it’s worth considering where you want to keep your videos. DVRs and NVRs can record to physical hard drives as well as cloud servers.

Some cameras feature memory card slots for local recording instead of relying on cloud storage. This helps reduce monthly fees associated with cloud storage and allows you to store footage within the camera itself for extended use.

Some cameras even enable you to schedule them to turn on and off, detect motion, or send notifications at specific times. This can be beneficial for reducing false alarms and improving privacy. Some models support geofencing too – which detects your location and activates the camera automatically when you leave. It is best to choose a model with all these features included.


As either a homeowner or business owner, it’s essential to keep your property secure. That means having the most up-to-date surveillance system kits equipment which can safeguard both your residence and workplace.

Security cameras, motion sensors, and entryway alarms form the basis of most security systems. These tools can deter criminals, sound an alarm when someone breaks into your house, and if you have professional monitoring installed, alert emergency response services to what is going on.

Infrared motion sensors detect movement in the air and can deter those trying to break in into your home. They’re typically used alongside security cameras so that any criminals caught on camera are captured for proof.


The latest security systems offer homeowners and business owners a wealth of benefits. There is everything from simple cameras to complex systems with multiple components – all for a fraction of what you would pay at high-end electronics stores! Plus, saving time by not having to run around town looking for equipment is even more advantageous since your family is your greatest asset. Armed with the correct equipment, you can keep your home and office secure – especially when considering that family is your most valuable asset!


If you want to be proactive in protecting your home or business, the latest surveillance system kits can provide peace of mind. These packages come complete with all the equipment necessary for effective monitoring, including a DVR box that stores recordings on hard drive so recordings are accessible whenever desired. These systems offer great value and require minimal setup and installation – perfect for budget-conscious homeowners or small business owners on a tight budget!

These cameras are lightweight and equipped with built-in sensors that work both day and night. Plus, they have a siren to attract attention if someone breaks in. Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with this kit and would highly recommend it for homeowners seeking an effective yet simple security solution. There are only a few drawbacks: you need to remove between 1-3 screws in order to position each camera at the desired angle – not an especially challenging task but taking up valuable time doing so.


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