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Ais Lombardia: “A space for young people, the future of our profession”

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h.medals Eddin Abu Alyon Born in Alexandria in Egypt, he has a degree in Chemistry and has lived and worked in Italy since 1993, a country where he began to love and deepen the culture of wine. A member of the AIS since 2001 and a sommelier since 2003, he has lived his experience extensively within the Italian Sommelier Association to become in 2005 a course director and then in 2010 a delegate for Milan and President of Ais Lombardia since 2018, was elected to a second term with 1,590 preferences. In 2014 in Burgundy he was awarded the title Chevalier du Tastevin.

Hossam El Din Abu Elyoun

What is your plan for the next four years?
I start again with the excellent results achieved during the previous term, despite the pandemic and especially the lockdown. The quality of our courses means that many enthusiasts, as well as operators in this sector, have turned to our association to deepen their knowledge of the world of wine, and this motivates us to improve teaching and study moments. My program provides ample space for young people, who represent the future of our association and it is our duty to prepare them to lead it, and give them more space as delegates, connoisseurs and speakers.

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How do you intend to promote youth?
AIS Lombardy We will get His school competitions to give Possibility For many young people promising training Confrontation To face tournaments with the right setup, maybe win themLike our Stefano Preziprofessional bartender AIS Bergamo, who returned the title of best bartender to Lombardy In Italy 11 years later. The project with hotel institutes is one of more beautiful of us reality And it brought unexpected results. In recent years, we have been able to be present in almost all the provinces of Lombard, and we have made a lot Coincidence of professional growth and concrete prospects for children who finish their studies. Association It has provided a modern and dynamic pathway tailored to the academic career of students, providing them with the best foundations today to be our fellow bartenders of tomorrow. Another project is to strengthen cooperation with research institutes and University Present in Lombardy and abroad, in order to complement the tasting practice using specific communication seminars held by university professors.

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And what tools do you use?
The National Vitae Guide and the Viniplus Regional Guide are the tools we use to tell us that our region stands out thanks to the core work of the group of tasters.

what is the situation despair Lombardy after the epidemic?
AIS Lombardia has more than 7000 members, which is a really impressive result, and is characterized by economic resilience that allows it to help young people and implement social projects. All this was made possible thanks to the support of the members and the work of all colleagues involved in various capacities in the activities of the association. We are working on achieving new goals. Our members give us the right incentives to continue growing and give sentiment to those who want to get closer to our world. Professionals in the sector who attend professional qualification courses represent 20% of the members. There are many enthusiasts who have decided to invest in this sector.

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