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Juventus Sampdoria U-16 Report Card: Finocchiaro is a magician, the flag is swinging

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Juventus Sampdoria U-16 report: The votes of the match champions are valid for the seventh day of the tournament

Voting cards and reports Juventus Sampdoria U16The match is valid for the seventh day of the tournament. match record


Piras 7 Innocent of the goal collected from a free kick, becomes the protagonist with some good high-fist output.

belly 7 It makes great crossovers for the fellows who populate the area. He shows excellent style and vision of the game, as well as good speed with and without the ball. Starting at 68′ from Salvo sv

Pagnucco 6.5 The low part with clearance to go forward, does a great job along the left wing along with Finocchiaro. Starting at 63′ Georgian 6.5 His lead over ball holders is excellent, he plays a purely defensive game.

Scarpetta 7 Be careful in covering opposing attackers. The yellow card he received during the first half does not affect his playing style.

BOFENDER 7 He loves to get into the box and knows how to do it well. He is always a viable solution for his teammates, who are looking for him to exchange with him in the middle of the field.

Noble 7.5 In defense, it’s an almost insurmountable wall, as shown in attack by hitting it on one occasion with a header.

Crapisto 7.5.0 Update Performing a lot of substance in the middle of the field, he runs and never cuts. In the final match, he also finds the goal that closes the match permanently. Starting at 68′ Grosso sv

Science 8 It’s rated 8, like his shirt number, and that could only be the case. Always try to make yourself dangerous by kicking a few times towards the opponent’s goal. Excellent performance. starting at 49′ why 7 Try to flaunt her qualities right away. His center of gravity is often quite high, as evidenced by the recording he got.

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punch 8.5 In addition to a beautiful technical loft gesture (which deserves a lot of applause), he has a race of great tactical intelligence. Starting at 62′ Nuti 6.5 Good job not only in the offensive phase but also in the defensive phase, as he often comes down to help the rest of his teammates.

Finocchiaro 8.5 Brilliant from the start, he tries not to give points of reference to rival defenders. Target Lube is a real treat. Starting at 62′ Bellebok 7 It lights up even if spaces are tight, it’s always a tangible threat to Dorian’s defense.

Pisano 6.5 He is very forward moving, often swapping positions with his teammates. It also comes in some circumstances to the shot. Starting at 63′ Bixinin 7 Insert the correct design, applying constant pressure to the ball holders.

Banzanaro 7.5.1 His team’s attitude is excellent, constantly suggesting the game and risking little or nothing. In the second half, he keeps the advantage and closes accounts early.

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