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juventus boom. Rome pays and separates Milan

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In December Siniza Mihajlovic died, in January Gianluca Vialli left, making the atmosphere in Italian football even more bleak. that when the Italian Serie A championship resumed, after the World Cup without the Azzurri, he found himself restless and stricken with enormous economic problems, as well as poisoned by controversy.

At the beginning of 2023, Juventus’ “legal” events have not yet been clarified, but have been enriched by a series of twists and turns. The Serie A’s lackluster acquisitions and sales campaigns have not warmed, except for the Zaniolo case, with the Giallorossi striker’s move to Turkey igniting the Capitoline fans. While the first matches of the new year – after what seemed to be a rebirth of the competitiveness of Inter – confirmed the overwhelming strength of Napoli during the current season.

This anomalous mix of contents and components has sparked discussion and commentary: cartel matches, victories and defeats of big names, the memory and celebration of champions like Vialli, but also black and white controversy. With so many lightning bolts and lapilli that set the net ablaze, generating countless and often very venomous comments from the “humps” on the various platforms.

Everyone is growing: Juventus is at the top, but Roma is a phenomenon and Napoli is on the rise

However, in January, the overall numbers of social interactions of the main Italian teams rose significantly, emphasizing the dynamics already observed in December.
In the top 15 best football teams on social media, compiled by sense makers In collaboration with Primaonline, the podium has changed slightly. Juventus is leading the way in growth: interactions on the five major platforms rose in one month from 44.9 million in December to 54 million (+20%) in January, with TikTok taking the lion’s share. On the other hand, Juventus video views increased from 253.6 million to 289.5 million (+14%).

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However, the advantage was shortened on the second part of the draw, Surprise Rome. In fact, Giallorossi collected 41.5 million interactions, practically doubling the result of the previous month, and also brought home a 100% increase in views, to 250.7 million, which brought it close to its peak.
At a distance Milanese, who exchanged the third and fourth places, remained with Inter at 29.4 million interactions and Milan (in a net decrease in competitive results) at 25.4 million. Note the strong growth of Napoli, the biggest candidate for the Scudetto, which in fifth place has doubled the number of interactions (17.7 million) and tripled the number of video views (+251%).

It should be noted that thirteen of the fifteen teams cross the threshold of one million interactions this time, with Parma (tenth at 1.3 million with 7.1 million video views) and Cagliari (11th at 1.3 million and 5.4 million interactions) representing Serie B. clubs in the ranking.

Best performing job: Dybala and Ronaldo return to Arabia

The most engaged Juventus video of January was Juve’s tribute to Cristiano Ronaldo, who departed in January for his new Arab football adventure (it achieved 2.8 million interactions on TikTok).
Roma who, as mentioned, has doubled all their performances, also “wins” in this indicator and is present with contents out of three dedicated to striker Paulo Dybala. And the former, in particular, with more than 4 million hits back on the Chinese platform, is ahead of all its main competitors, including Juventus.

In the top 3 best performing publications of Italian football teams, two out of three Nerazzurri content are published on TikTok, which finds the highest degree of engagement on this platform with a video presenting a special ‘Saturday night’ football and another that celebrates the Super Cup victory. On Cousins ​​Milan.
For Rossoneri, who is no longer in the ranking, it is pertinent to note how TikTok content leads to the most engagement, beating Instagram content.

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Paid partnerships. Milan wins on both Facebook and Instagram, Inter’s operations are growing

In the ranking of paid partnerships, the month of January marked an increase in the trend in branded content, particularly for AC Milan which doubled the number of partnerships on Facebook. At the top, on this platform, Rossoneri’s main sponsor was Skrill, while Banco BPM excelled on Instagram.

It should be noted that Fiorentina left the top five on Instagram, which was replaced by Juventus in terms of the number of paid partnerships, and thus returned to fill the standings after absence in the month of December. Also compared to the aggregate interaction data, in January – as matches resumed – there was a general increase involving more or less incidentally all team partnerships, whether on Facebook or on Instagram. In the oldest social network, Facebook, as well as on Instagram, the largest growth in terms of total engagement per paid partnership is attributed to Inter.


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