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Anticipation is building for the third match of the Serie A final at PalaForte, live on Rai Sport. Rossoblu without generation is disqualified

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1-1 with the ball in the middle. The balance continues to rise in the Roller Hockey Championship Final, the final chapter of a long season on wheels. If the first match ends in a penalty shootout, the second match ends with another penalty shootout but practically in the last second of the second extra period, i.e. one second away from the second penalty shootout. An amazing conclusion to a match in which both teams finally showed all the cards at their disposal, without sparing any energy. Tresino Swords’ player, Giulio Cocu, came back to score consistently, proving decisive in the 3-3 draw in numerical superiority and in the 2-0 instantaneous score that allowed us not to suffer too much from the opponents’ comeback the second time. .

However, Centro Porsche Firenze returned to their levels of being a compact team in defense and sarcastic in attack. The first half was not at the level of what we saw in the second part of the season, but the response in the second half was largely satisfactory. The absence of Pedro Gil, who was sent off on Tuesday and handed a one-day suspension, is likely to push Forte further back, with a game full of significant defensive sacrifices that coach Bertolucci will require. It will be necessary to win the third match at home to avoid allowing Trissino to get the first match point at home next Tuesday. He will have to get closer to the men he will have at his disposal (Gile plus the absence of Ambrosio) to try to pull off an important feat to win the Scudetto.

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Trissino, on the other hand, could put the decisive point on the Scudetto because he will have the full roster against a team in full emergency mode. The attacking weight will remain in favor of Belo Celesti, who at times have looked like the team that has dominated in the last two years. At the end of the match, which was broadcast by Rai Sports, the two coaches spoke above all about the team’s performance. For Thiago Souza, “The rings made the difference, but the team is very united and confident about the upcoming dates.” As for Alessandro Bertolucci, he thanked the entire team for this response in a difficult moment. “Without Ambrosio and then Jarry without Gil, the team has become more united and united and has shown how strong it is.” .

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Race-3 will always be broadcast live on Rai Sport starting at 8.40pm with commentary from Federico Calcagno and Pierluigi Bresciani.

Playoff – Championship Final – Game 3 – Referee Assignments
Race 3 – Saturday 1 June – 8.45pm – Palaforte Palace in Forte dei Marmi (Lucca)
Porsche Center Florence Versilia Hockey Forte – Hockey Tresino (Series 1-1)
Referees: Joseph Selecchia from Giovinazzo (BA) and Marco Rondina from Vercelli
Live broadcast of RAI SPORT 58 digital terrestrial channel
YouTube Live – Commentary by Federico Calcagno and Pierluigi Bresciani

General playoff calendar
Scudetto Final (best of five matches)
First match: Saturday 25 May at 8.45pm – Hockey Tresino vs Centro Porsche Firenze VH Forte = 6-5 on penalties
Match 2: Tuesday 28 May at 6:30 pm – Centro Porsche Firenze VH Forte vs. Hoki Tresino = 4-3 for substitutes.
Match 3: Saturday 1 June at 8.45pm – Centro Porsche Firenze VH Forte vs Hockey Tresino (Series 1-1)
Fourth match: Tuesday, June 4 at 8:45 pm – Hockey Tresino vs. Centro Porsche Firenze VH Forte
Possible fifth match: Saturday, June 8 at 9pm – Centro Porsche Firenze VH Forte vs. Hockey Tresino

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