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Jumanji 4, partner of The Rock: The movie will be accomplished

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Latest updates on Jumanji 4 It dates back to November, when the rock And participated in the press promotion of the Red Bulletin.

in this days Hiram Garcia, partner Dwayne “Thee Rock” Johnson At the Seven Bucks production house, he admitted what the movie was like “closer than expected”. Now Garcia always comes back to the topic Jumanji 4 In conversation with Collider (via Character BookAnd it explains:

The movie will be made. It will undoubtedly be done. We have a great idea for the third Jumanji (considering the original, he is the fourth, the editor). We were just discussing the draft story that day. We’ll bring the matter to Sony’s attention soon, but the movie will happen. We’ll be working on it after Red One, a plan of action that also aligns with the agendas of the various cast members. As you can imagine, Kevin Hart is very busy with millions of things, just like DJ. All of our actors are very busy. But the timing seems to be helping us and we have an idea that we love and we’re about to bring to the studio and if all goes as it should, we’ll soon have a script. In the post Red One, Jumanji will be ready to go.

Then he adds:

We love this franchise, and we love the entire Jumanji family. The staff, the filmmakers, is truly one of the most enjoyable working experiences, we love the whole team, Matt Tolmach, Jake Kasdan. But then really: when you work with Jack Black, Karen Gillan, Kevin, you find yourself dealing with one of those movies where you have a bunch of huge stars and they’re all great. The set of those movies is funny, everyone is kind and happy to be a part of it. They all go together. It’s like staying with the family. It’s always our priority to work on that, and as soon as we can do that, we do.

The movie that Garcia is talking about, red one, a Christmas movie starring Dwayne Johnson, produced by Amazon.

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