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Joker Arthur Flick disease: It’s a real disease

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Todd Phillips’s movie The Joker, starring Joaquin Phoenix, has turned the character into his cinematic version, featuring the troubled and sick protagonist.

Over the years, different versions of jokerWith the aim of obtaining effects of various kinds. If Jared Leto is cool, in his own way, Heath Ledger’s interpretation instead aims to present a true villain, a man whose only desire is to see the world burn. The clown played by Barry Keoghan in the sequel to Matt Reeves’ The Batman, starring Robert Pattinson, should also follow that line. Warped and terrifying, even more so than those on Christopher Nolan’s set.

In this group of characters, we did not include the animated versions, as well as the video game versions and, obviously, the origin of all this, the comics. As mentioned, the versions are varied. Staying in the cinematic realm (live action), Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker emphasizes mental disorder, adding an all-too-real element to character writing: the autonomic perturbation of emotional expression.

Joker Arthur Flick disease

Arthur Fleck, who will become the Joker, is an outcast from Gotham City. He can’t find a place in this city that aims to swallow all those who don’t have the strength to crush others, and demands a better position.

On the other hand, the hero of the movie does nothing but suffer. It does not climb, does not skip, does not crush, and does not kill. He reaches out for help. However, what he gets is hard hits and nothing else. Criticized in the lower and lower social ladder, to the point of losing emotional control, all moral obsessions. He thus becomes an exemplary citizen of Gotham, even if the city hypocritically fears him. Just force your way through but just in case you’re not seen. Doing this in the open is unacceptable. A sick society pretends it isn’t.

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In this scenario, Arthur Fleck’s medical record is of great importance. In fact, it was decided to add important details. This is the pseudobulbar effect, a disease caused by nerve damage, which causes an involuntary disturbance of emotional expression. Kind of emotional incontinence. This translates in the film to non-stop or controlled laughter, which explodes on the face in a clear and unsettling manner, and is not at all representative of the emotional state of the subject.

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