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The legal dispute between ZA/UM and the game manufacturer – has been settled

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there legal dispute ongoing between studies Elysium tablet – ZA/UM – and game producer Kaur Kender has been disbanded. ZA/UM studio announced that Kender, who was no longer part of the team, had paid all debts owed to him.

Further, upon order of the court, Kinder has replaced CEO Elmar Combos for legal fees from the lawsuit, which was dropped in December. In addition, he liquidated all of his shares in the company. “I am grateful for the years of trust and collaboration with the team that have made Disco Elysium such a successful project,” said Kinder. “After quitting my full-time job, I filed a lawsuit, and after I saw the facts, I realized it was wrong.”

It all started in the last months of 2022 when it was allegations against Combos by Kender, who claimed that Kompus spent $4.8 million of company funds to become a major shareholder in the studio. However, Kompus has paid the company.

“As this deal demonstrates, open discussions are the best way to clear up misunderstandings and disagreements, especially when it benefits the team,” Combos said. “We approached this matter with the collective interest of ZA/UM and our amazing team in mind and are thrilled to have come up with a comprehensive solution.”

Added to this are further events: also at the end of 2022, it was revealed that three key figures in the development of Disco Elysium – Helen Hindberry, Robert Korvitz and Alexander Rostov – had “involuntarily” left the company.

ZA/UM also claims that both Kurvitz and Rostov have withdrawn their accusations of “Unfair dismissalHowever, at the same time, the company says it continues to face “a series of unsubstantiated allegations from former employees” and expects other claims to be quashed “after legal and factual examination.”

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