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Artificial Intelligence: Unique research presented in Canada

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A team from the University of Calabria, formed by a PhD student Giuseppe Mazzotta And by the authors Carmine Totoro And Francesco Rica, Winner of the prestigious Prize for Research in Mathematics and Computer Science, the foremost artificial intelligence field at the University of Calabrian. The recognition was given during one of the most important international conferences on artificial intelligence, the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-22) in Canada. This research is part of a short list of 12 articles selected from more than 9200 scientific articles evaluated by the project team, of which less than 15% were accepted for presentation at the conference. In particular, Dodaro, Mazzotta and Ricca were awarded the “Best Student Paper Honorable Mention AAAI-22” for their research.
The award-winning work, entitled “Collection of Collectors in ASP Systems”, describes one New artificial intelligence technology that allows the creation of automated rational systems Knowledge can be integrated and evaluated to allow machines to solve complex problems even for humans.

பணி Our work – Giuseppe Mazzotta, 25, Ph.D. In particular, We tested the attitude of assigning employees of a large company to their tasks, Ensuring that multiple restrictions and options are respected. Existing systems – he adds – could not calculate the right solution because of the increase in staff and tasks, as well as maintaining the same controls, for example, costs. Our research, on the other hand, allows us to cross this line and solve the problem automatically, even in previously unthinkable situations. Apparently Applications can range from many fields. The results obtained strongly support our mission, which gives us great pride. Getting a decent note – ends up being Mazzotta – usually assigned to one in a thousand, paid off all the efforts and sacrifices I made in the first year of my doctorate, but taught me that nothing more important than that was impossible.

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