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Jobs for 3500 euros

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In a time of black crisis, the good news arrives. Ikea hires, searches for employees all over Italy: new positions have opened in different areas. The search for new units to be employed in Italy by Ikea also provides jobs that allow you to earn up to 3,500 euros.

Hiring IKEA –

There are many workers who will be able to apply. Find out what a file is quest formations From IKEA and sectors reference.

Ikea takes over Italy: the most wanted profile

IKEAFounded by Ingvar Kamprad in 1943, a multinational company that over the years has managed to conquer 42 countries around the world, including Italy.

In our country, Ikea is well present 14 regions (North to South) It is in these regions that the Swedish company opened new jobs in July, allowing many people the opportunity to work in various fields.

rent ikea
IKEA is hiring staff –

What kind of contracts the company offers isn’t clear yet: the only sure thing is the long list of employees you’re looking at. Among the many profiles, . is one of the logistics manager who earns on average 3500 EUR Per month. Let’s move on to the long list of employees wanted by the Swedish multinational.

Staff wanted by IKEA in Italy

Here, below, I The main profiles IKEA searched for In the various Italian provinces:

  • cash register area (Avragola, Naples, San Giuliano, Sesto Fiorentino);
  • Logistics Officer (Rome, Sesto Fiorentino);
  • food kitchen production leader (Villesse, Gorizia);
  • Customer Support Officer (Carugate Milan) and IT Specialist Law 68/99 (San Giuliano Milanese);
  • Food Team Leader and Commercial Team Leader – XS Store (Fiumicino);
  • Warehouse System Specialist, Technical Support Specialist, Logistics Operations Support and Mapping, Warehouse Operator (Forklift Driver), Silos Technician, Food Associate and Safety and Security Specialist (Piacenza);
  • Safety and Security Specialist (Corsico, Milan);
  • Circular Axis Officer and Design District Commercial Officer (Barry);
  • Director of Store Communications and Interior Design (Pisa);
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Ikea assumed
IKEA is hiring staff –
  • Goods receiving employee and dining area employee (Padova);
  • carpentry worker (Genoa);
  • Logistics Officer (Casalecchio di Reno, Rimini, San Giovanni Teatino, Genoa, Pisa, Villesse);
  • Sales writer (Catania, Padova, Pisa, Coligno, Rimini, Felice), sales and design writer (Avragola, Baronesi, Sesto Fiorentino);
  • Commercial Zones Operator – Protected Categories Act 68/99 (Collegno);
  • catering clerk (Genoa, Baronese, Catania, Avragola, San Giuliano Milanese, Felice, Corsico), clerk in lawyers, catering and logistics clerk (Roncadil, Carrogatti);
  • BAR area clerk (Villesse) and catering and payment services clerk (Villesse and Rimini).

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