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Biden ‘boycott’ Chinese games and calls Draghi about Ukraine –

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from Giuseppe Sarsena, Washington reporter

A plea from the US president and European allies: Putin must stop now

The White House announce political boycott from Winter Olympics In Beijing, scheduled from From 4 to 20 FebruaryParalympics (4-13 March). The American athletes, but, We will participate or I will participate absolutely regularly Station. in a Chinese capitalInstead, there will be “nothing Diplomatic delegation or the “official stars and stripes,” Joe Biden’s spokesman, Jen Psaki, said, adding, “We can’t. Acting as if nothing happened In the face of the eye Human rights violations and on atrocity Committed since then Chinese Communist Party In Xinjiang (the persecution of the Muslim minority Uyghur
I, editor).

Zhao Lijian, official spokesperson Ministry subordinate Foreigner Chinese, spoke of “unprovoked provocation”, even mockery “I American politicians“No one called them, the so-called boycott is only one Unreal workGive opponentsThis is followed by a general threat:at dinner It will still take CountermeasuresExactly like that after three weeks
summit TR online Biden NS Xi Jinping
, studded soothing tones, pendulum from Relations between the United States and China back in the area maximum alert. In recent weeks, in fact, in American Policy They faced each other opposite directions on the general strategy to be followed Beijing.

In the end, Biden chose it send signal, in an unprecedented form:
partial district of games
, accurately. Psaki said the government “didn’t want to.” Punishment of athletesBut first of all, the spokeswoman said, “The administration informed Allied countriesHow many of them will join the American protest? Only now Australia NS United kingdom They let him know they were thinking of him. there is the riskSo, they appear again Differences of approach in Western Bloc. Biden decided Turn on the voltage again with Beijing eve virtual summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin employmentUkraine
, in the program Today at 10 Washington (16 in Italy).

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Yesterday, the President of the United States started a file A round of phone calls with European partners. And here is one Important news to report. Biden chose to consult the so-called format “Quint” (American abbreviation for “quintuplet”) of NATO, an informal decision-making group that includes, in addition to the United States, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Italy. Hence the contact with Prime Minister Italian Mario Draghi It happened in the evening. The White House released a file press release which states that “Macron, Merkel, Draghi and Johnson participated in the Worry NS massive spread from Russian forces The Reservation with the ‘UkraineThe note continues with a Appeal to Moscow “To ease tensions” is proposed to Re-launch negotiations With the Normandy format, of which they are a part RussiaAnd UkraineAnd Germany NS France.

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