September 30, 2023

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Japanese director Naomi Kwase has been accused of harassment and violence against her staff

Japanese director Naomi Kwase has been accused of harassment and violence against her staff

after, after A new war linked between Angelina Jolie and Brad PittThe world of cinema is shaken by another scandal, this time in Japan: the famous director Naomi Kwasi has actually been accused of sexual harassment and violence against his employees.

Accidents were going to happen in May 2019, on set real moms, when an assistant director approaches Kawase to indicate that a problem has arisen with her taking and touching her. Although no one talked about improper contact once touched Naomi Kawase will start shouting “What are you going to do?”, where he hit him with a kick in the stomach. The entire team of the photography department, led by activator Yuta Tsukinaga, resigned from the film after the accident.

In recent days, Tokyo-based weekly Shōkan Bunshun revealed the story, and Qawasi said that the matter was resolved internally. However, in response, the magazine wrote another article about another incident that occurred in October 2015, when Kawase allegedly assaulted a staff member At his Kumie Productions office in Nara. The award-winning manager allegedly punched an employee, knocked him to the ground, and continued to hit him, while other employees fled the office in fear. The victim confirmed this to the WeeklyBut he declined to comment on it personally.

Qawassi was appointed UNESCO ambassador in November at a press conference in Paris. In light of this controversial story his new movie Tokyo 2020 Side Athe official movie for the Summer Olympics in Tokyo last year, has been shown in Japan these days with little fanfare, No public appearances by the director Very few ticket sales.

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