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Inside Out 2, first details arrive on Pixar’s animated sequel: ‘It will be touching and honest’

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the sequel to inside out It will hit the cinema in the summer of 2024, but in the meantime (it’s still a very long time) wait some New updates on hand Peter DocterSenior Film Director and Currently Head of Content at Pixar.

said the Academy Award-winning director who is also an author monsters and co And higher of the famous animation factory in Emeryville (California), speaking during an interview with The Wrap:

Kelsey Mann’s idea for this new story is definitely more personal and universal, and there’s a lot of love in it. I don’t want to reveal too much, there will be New kinds of feelings to be introduced They are all connected to each other. he have Big heart and very big core. I found Kelsey Mann’s thoughts to be really poignant and honest, very personal yet universal“.

released in 2015, inside outDirected by Pete Docter E Ronnie Del Carmen (the latter serving as co-director) and written by Docter himself, along with Meg Levov And Josh Cooleyis the fifteenth animated film by Pixar, as well Arlo tripmarking the first time that two Pixar films have been released in the same year.

The soundtrack was written by Michael Giacchino, here on his second collaboration with Docter after that higher in 2009. Short Film, spin off From the movie titled Riley’s first dateDirected by Josh Cooley. The film, which was well received by critics and audiences, won many awards, including the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature (out of two nominations), Golden Globe and BAFTA Awards in the same category.

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Synopsis text:

Inside the mind of Riley Andersen, an 11-year-old girl living in Minnesota, five emotions live and work: joy, which guarantees a girl happiness; Disgust, who makes sure Riley is not tainted, both physically and socially; Fear, who keeps Riley out of harm’s way; Anger, which prevents Riley from suffering from injustice; Grief, the purpose of which is not clear at first. The Five Feelings guide Riley’s mind around headquarters, as she operates on a console full of commands. Every time Riley does something, an emotion triggers and a memory is born, looking like a little ball with the color of the emotion associated with it. Most of the memories are sent to the long-term memory at the end of each day, while the five most important memories, called primary memories, remain in the main headquarters, where they influence the child’s mind, determining his personality. Riley’s core memories are all happy (golden in color) and nourish the five personality islands: family, honesty, “stupidity” (i.e. a penchant for antics), hockey, and friendship.

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