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Japan-Canada 5-41. North Americans tied for top spot with Italy – OA Sport

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All according to predictions from the Northland Events Center in Whangarei The second match of the first day of Pool B of the Women’s Rugby World Cup The Canada dismantled Japan 41-5Marking seven goals and winning Attack bonus point. The Italy appears at the top of the table in five North Americans thusAt the same time the The Japanese remain unchanged at the bottom of the table with the US.

In First half Canada already lead by 2 ‘with Farris’ unconverted goal, Japan responded with Takano’s tip in the 5th. However, from 5-5, we see the monologue of the North Americans: Dutossi 14′, Miller 24′, Dutossi again on goal at 29′. Take the attack bonus point already, again Miller 35 ‘. Miller only finds one of the three changes he tries (he misses de Gote on the other two) so here we go. Rest on 27-5 for Canada.

there Recovery Low rhythms and Japan are able to defend themselves better, although the Canadians scored twice thanks to Tutosi in the 50′ and a third individual goal and Nelson in the 66′. De Gode finds the change in both cases and adjusts the score 41-5 in the end.

Photo: LaPresse

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