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James Bond, the future of the saga is not yet planned: “There is still a long way to go”

James Bond

Searching for a new translator for a role James Bond It’s always one of the most closely scrutinized casting processes in Hollywood. But while the casting has released some information about the next actor’s age and citizenship requirements, it appears the alternative Daniel Craig This character will not be announced soon. In a new interview with Watchman, Barbara BroccoliA long-time Bond producer, she explained that she has not yet begun planning the next installment in the series.

“Daniel [Craig] It gave us a chance to delve into the character’s love life and the world was ready for it too“Broccoli said.”“I think these films reflect the moment you’re in, and there’s a wonderful, wonderful way to reinvent the saga in the next chapter, and we haven’t even begun yet.” Recognizing that the next era of the series would need to reflect a world that had changed dramatically since Craig’s introduction in 2006, Broccoli then cited the series’ history as evidence of James Bond’s ability to adapt.

Go back to “GoldenEye” when everyone said. “The Cold War is over, the Wall is over, Bond is dead, there is no need for Bond, the whole world is at peace and now there are no more villains.“Broccoli said.”Boy, that belief was so wrong!. However, the producer then clarified that Bond’s future remains tied to the big screen: “We make James Bond movies for the big screen. Everything about the Bond films should be seen by audiences around the world in that format, so we don’t want to move to TV.

However, Broccoli noted that there may be more expansions for the franchise on the horizon. In fact, she’s made it clear that she’s open to rebooting the franchise in international markets and creating spin-offs that change up the iconic spy’s race. “We’re not there yet, but I’d like to see different versions of the character around the world, from Africa to India to Asia.“, he said. It is certain that there will be the next James Bond. However, all that remains is to wait for more information, which does not seem to be on the horizon at the moment.


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