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Jaguar electric car caught fire after being recharged, reduced to ashes in the middle of the road

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electric car Jaguar I’m Peace Taking Fire Automatic after recharging: the episode that occurred last June, told by a zero-emissions car owner who, in his hands, found a pile of ash and sheet metal for a sector magazine.

Jaguar on fire in the A4: The driver got out of the car, and then this happened

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The man, who lives in Florida, explained that he left his car connected to the charger in his garage before he fell asleep. The next day he went out on errands and drove about twenty kilometers before he came back and parked the car again. As soon as he got home, he heard a suspicious squeak, went back to check what was going on and found himself in front of thick smoke rising from the cockpit. “My thinking was, ‘When there’s smoke, there’s fire,’ and I should get the car out of the garage at home,” Salazar said in his email to Elecktrek.


Listening to his instincts, the man drove the steamer from the garage into the street in front of his house. Then he went back inside to pick up the phone and call Jaguar for roadside assistance. When I finished the conversation with them, there were more explosions, but this time they were followed by a fire from under the car. Then I called emergency services,” the story continues. “But the burning was not slow, as soon as the fire started there were more explosions and the car quickly caught fire.” The firefighters who intervened immediately used flame retardants to put out the flames. When the fire was extinguished, the car turned to ashes, and only parts of the hood survived the flames.

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According to Elecktrek, the Salazar car’s battery is the fourth I-Pace battery to ignite automatically. Although electric vehicle fires are not as common as gasoline vehicle fires, electric vehicle battery fires are difficult to put out.

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