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Jacques and Gabriella from Monaco at a Christmas party with Father Alberto, Pierre Casiraghi, Beatrice Borromeo and their younger cousins… Charlene’s mother is distant and “exhausted”

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Markets and lights illuminate the emirate. And twins, like every year, in first grade. But it’s not like other times… and their seventh birthday is just around the corner…

Jacques and Gabriella open their Christmas Village in Monaco like every year. But this is a certain year and sadder than usual for them: this time mom Charlene Wittstock was not around. “It’s exhausting,” says Prince Albert, who is accompanying his children to the principality party. With him is his sister Carolina, Pierre Casiraghi and Beatrice Borromeo with their children, and twin cousins, Charlene’s nephews – Photo | Video

Charlene Wittstock in South Africa no longer eats: “She almost died.” The princess’s friends reveal the truth about what’s happening to her research

“Physical and psychological exhaust” – It’s Christmas full of nostalgia for the Principality. Charlene has been away for nearly a year now: from forced exile in South Africa for surgeries and convalescence (research) When he returns to Monaco before leaving for Switzerland, where he is being hospitalized, the princess has always been away. And who knows how she will be able to celebrate her children’s seventh birthday, December 10th. Charlene is really exhausted. General, physical and mental stress,” says her husband Alberto A Paris Match. “He does not suffer from any incurable disease. It is not a matter of a couple,” the prince repeats. “Our spouses are not at all in danger, I want to make this point clear.”

Charlene Wittstock is still ill and retires from public life: she and Albert of Monaco are also about to have their two children, Jack and Gabriella – except

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“Leave us alone” – “The problem is the consequences of all the operations of the past months.” Charlene needs “peace, rest, calm,” continues Alberto, who has made an appeal to the media: “I say her kindly: leave her alone, leave us alone for a while.” She concluded that the twins are “close to her, sending her a lot of love.” And life for them certainly could not stop. The opening of the Christmas Village, with all the members of the Grimaldi family close to them, is a moment of joy. But Christmas is sweet…

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