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A policeman was stabbed to death in Brussels –

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From Paula Caruso

Before hitting, he shouted “Allahu Akbar”, then the man was neutralized by another patrol that came to the rescue. The attack near the Gare du Nord

A policeman was stabbed to death and another wounded in Brussels. The attack took place in the Scherbeek district. And local media, quoting the Belgian news agency, reported that the killer shouted “Allahu Akbar” before he was struck. Thus, there is a “suspicion” that the attack is of a terrorist nature, but this information has not yet been confirmed by the police.

The attack near the Gare du Nord, at 7.15 pm. According to the initial reconstruction, two policemen, after being attacked by a man armed with a knife, sustained injuries to the legs and abdomen and were immediately taken to the hospital: the officer who was also wounded in the neck lost his life, while the other was taken to the hospital. . The bomber was neutralized by another patrol that came to the rescue (the agents involved in the attack managed to call in reinforcements). The second patrol managed to stop the man by shooting and wounding him (the suicide bomber is now in the hospital).

Investigators work to understand the dynamics of crime.
Apparently the man – whose identity is not yet known – this morning, around noon, presented himself to the Evere Police Station (Capital City Hall), declaring his intent to commit an assault on the police. At this point, under the supervision of a judge, he was taken to hospital with his consent with the intention of undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. But after evaluation, he was discharged from the hospital. No one could have imagined that the evening would carry out his plan, striking the two agents with a knife.

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The President of the European Parliament wrote: “I am shocked by the killing of a police officer in Brussels on duty tonight – Roberta Metsula, on Twitter -. Belgian police have worked so closely with the European Parliament over the years that what happened seems very personal to us. All our thoughts are with them, their loved ones and all the people in Belgium.”

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