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IVGA 2022 trailer shows the colors of Italy –

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On the occasion of IVGA 2022 (Italian Games Awards), jyamma games released a new one tractor of the most promising Galileo ProjectAll focused on representing Italy and its people Colors inside the game.

As explained by Francesco Aponizio, Creative and Artistic Director of the game, the goal of the development team is not just to launch another RPG, but to create an experience in which our wealthy find space. In addition to our culture, while not giving up the gameplay elements of like souls.

In short, the world of Enotria (where Project Galileo will be created) will be largely Italian-inspired, as evidenced by the game’s sequence visualized in the video. In fact, some of the views are really special and something unfortunately never seen in a video game, at least made with such interest and love.

The developers are very convinced of Technical guidance From the game by coining a new term to define it: “Summer Souls,” a game that combines the beauty of Italian summer with the darkness inherent in the sub-genre developed by FromSoftware.

Before we leave you to such beauty, we remind you that Project Galileo is in development for PC, Xbox Series X, S, PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

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