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Horror movies shown in eighth grade, sickness in classes, and protests – Lombardy

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Now a pit, a substitute teacher in the classroom to supervise the boys, and from whom the proposition begins: “Professor, shall we watch a movie?”. The teacher gave his consent and left the children free to watch the movie they wanted. They chose a movie released on Oct. 13, off-limits to 18-year-old minors, Terrifier, a particularly tough and violent 2016 movie, entirely based on the 1980s movie model, in which Art the clown is the hero, a serial killer clown.

The result: faced with director Damien Lyon’s film full of scenes of slaughter and bloody serial killings, many students felt bad. Someone resolved it by leaving the class or turning away, others complained of nausea. And the show stopped. But it was too late, the controversy did not erupt. It happened in recent days in a third of a preparatory school in Cremona and now, inevitably, the anger of the parents is mounting. with some who wrote to the headmaster asking for explanations. And he asks how it was possible to allow the viewing of a film of this kind, intuitively capable of offending the sensibilities of pupils who, at least in large part, even because of their age, are easily impressionable and unprepared to deal with this kind of sentiment. The principal preferred not to comment, only explaining that the school administration “acted in the prescribed manner” and organized a discussion between the parents, the teacher and the students.

Giovanni Cento, director of Filo, one of the cinemas in the Lombard capital, also intervened in the case. “It really leaves you speechless,” he commented, “on the superficiality with which the teacher agreed to watch the film without even inquiring about the rating, and then let the students themselves make the final choice of what to see. And this suggests that cinema, unfortunately, is often perceived by many as a frivolous moment of entertainment. In particular, it is troubling that, in defiance of any legislation, a film has been shown that absolutely does not respond to the concept of viewing for school use.” Shinto’s conclusion: “This story, beyond the specific case, illustrates how watching a movie, whatever it may be, is made out of any context , and not presented in the right way and not placed in context, can only cause indignation and harm. In this case, unfortunately, psychological too.

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