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It’s over Pogba and their ‘partners’. It’s more than just football, it’s a race to recover in time

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One month into the World Cup. The theater of dreams, a show of more or less famous talents. A moment predicted for four long years, ready to give feelings, joys and sufferings. Definitely, a goal that all players aim for, dedicating years of passion and effort to achieving it. Kind of a countdown that for some has already been interrupted by injury: times, as you get closer to the start, get too tight to imagine recovery and then you just have to put your mind at peace. Thirty days after the inauguration, someone had already raised the white flag and others still hoped to achieve it. On top of that, the crazy season is the one we’re going through: the World Cup has never been played at this time of year, and the club’s calendar has never been so flooded. “When I start talking about it, I get angry at the opinion of Jurgen Klopp, the Liverpool coach.” Everyone knows that it is not right to play the World Cup, which opens the competitive season.” It is clear and clear: «If all the players take a month off, as happens in Germany during the winter holidays, then we know how to deal with the situation. It’s different in England: some players will play the World Cup longer than others, which is not good. Whoever reaches the semi-finals will resume the season with the club after only a week: madness.”

Anyway, that’s how this version went and we just have to adapt to it. Also counting absentees. And from those who still hope to be there, even though they’re still in the pits. This is the case of Pogba who, after absurdly postponing his knee operation in the summer, is now speeding up Deschamps’ call-up times: he may also succeed, but in the meantime he has set the interests of the French national. by Juventus. Di Maria is staying at Juve’s house, which is also in the infirmary, he’s already had three muscle stops and with the World Cup always in his head: he’ll be there anyway. Unlike other stars: for example, the inexhaustible scooter Kanté, one of the best French World Championship rides in Russia, will be absent. Just as Portugal will not be able to field Diogo Jota (Liverpool), perhaps the most brilliant talent of the new generation. It is also unfortunate that the Netherlands will not have Roman Wijnaldum but they are ready to get Karsdorp back. Also in the Gelorossi house, Dybala crosses his fingers: Selecion, on the other hand, can count on goalkeeper Muso (Atalanta), recovering from broken cheekbones. From Argentina to Brazil, who risk not having Richarlison, a Tottenham player and a key player in attack, but there is some optimism in that regard: Juventus Bremer, too, is in doubt, having just finished playing after being worn out for a few weeks. A golden green jacket for the first time. Not even Germany (Marco Reus and Borussia Dortmund in strong doubt), Spain (Dani Olmo, Leipzig) and England (Reece James and Chelsea) can’t sleep in peace. And if Italy had qualified, they would have had to ditch Immobile, who won’t revise the field until the new year: it’s hard not to think of very intense rhythms.

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