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Eni enters Qatar, the world’s largest liquefied natural gas project

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Eni Qatar’s entry into what could be the world’s largest liquefied natural gas project, LNG, is leading the news. Eni’s arrival in Qatar was intentional Qatar Energy Which chose the Italian company as the new international partner to expand the Northeast Field project.

Signing a formal partnership agreement

The news of Eni’s entry into Qatar is now official. The Minister of State for Energy Affairs, as well as the President and CEO of Qatar Energy, Saad Sherida Al-Kaabi, signed the partnership agreement with the CEO of Eni, Claudio Descalzi.

Eni in Qatar is involved in an ambitious LNG project.

that it liquefied natural gas project of global significance and Eni’s entry into the project is something very important. This agreement means that Eni increases its efforts to diversify into cleaner and more reliable energy sources. In fact, Eni has already embarked on an ambitious decarbonization strategy. Therefore, Eni’s entry into Qatar should be seen as an important contribution to increasing the security of gas supplies worldwide.

What is the Northeast Field Project?

The project Northeast field It should make it possible to significantly increase Qatar’s LNG export capacity. The investment is valued at $28.75 billion and the Northeast Field is expected to enter production by the end of 2025. The project will also use advanced technologies to reduce the overall carbon footprint. Eni’s entry into the project is an important strategic step as it strengthens its presence in the Middle East. Not only that, Eni in Qatar is writing a new phase of diversifying the company by expanding its portfolio of clean energy sources.

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The important news from Eni in Qatar comes at a sensitive moment. The war in Ukraine has already led to very serious risks in terms of energy supplies. Gazprom In fact, it has begun to cut off gas supplies, making the search for new sources of supply vital. Qatar is one of the countries with the largest natural gas reserves in the world. Thus, this entry of Eni is an essential step and the acquisition of more gas in the market.

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