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It’s an invasion, a horror movie scene

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What is happening in this Italian city is so unbelievable that horror movie scenes happen and the residents get angry.

there Date It’s been all over the web, and it’s not clear what’s going on and how to run for cover. It is a real invasion that affected every corner of the city.

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Alarm hit different areas of Tuscany And in particular the whole Lake Orbetello. Residents are really desperate and don’t know how to solve the problem because the problem is with private property but also city streets.

Invasion of terror in Italy

What is happening is just extraordinary, there are practically cobwebs everywhere due to a real invasion midges; This phenomenon, in turn, led to the spread of many spiders that developed due to midges.

Invasion of Italy
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Citizens tried to solve the problem, and asked for help from subscriber But there was no way. A moment of great tension in this area where there are often many annoying insects and different animals between the temperature and humidity. However, such an invasion had never happened before.

There was a real chain reaction, and it all started this summer when there was a natural response to moisture spreading due to temperatures and humidity. midges Which then led to spiders; The problem is that cars are invaded by cobwebs, they are everywhere from lampposts to exoskeletons and living in space is practically impossible. In the morning people have to clean cars before they can use them and that’s really inconvenient. Unfortunately this is not the first time this has happened in Orbetello. A difficult situation they have had to live with since this summer.

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Experts talk about a certain climate change that led to an increase in the number of insects. In fact, midges led spiders to quickly develop many cobwebs to be able to Imprisonment and preservation of food. In the coming weeks, all cleaning will be done to remove this huge veil that literally surrounded the entire city.

Soon the situation should return to normal state And allow the population to live in peace without more problems and without bad confrontations. In the past, there have never been high temperatures in the area, and this was an uncontrolled but perfectly normal response. The situation should return even if, as the mayor explained, such a thing had never happened before.

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