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Marvel responds to Martin Scorsese’s criticism

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Another round, another run: as always happens now near a film or film release Marvel seriesthe name also comes back into fashion Martin Scorsese Above all, the controversy that the legendary director began four years ago, criticizing the world of cinematic cinema from the House of Ideas onwards. Now it’s up to the producers Loki Defend your product from the director’s accusations.

According to the author Moonflower Killers, now in theaters, this type of production should be considered as amusement park attractions and not “real cinema”. It’s a concept Scorsese has repeated time and time again, and lately he’s increasingly engaged in his personal battle to save the seventh art in its purest form.

During an interview with Geeks of colorparticipantExecutive producer Kevin R. I saw He – of course – challenged the idea that comic-book-based entertainment poses a danger to our culture. For him, these stories can benefit the public: «Loki was built with a lot of love and careWith a cinematic eye. All these shows, these movies, and everything in this world is about building characters that focus on a story that the audience can connect with».

Then he threw out a challenge to Martin Scorsese and everyone who thinks like him: “I challenge anyone to watch it and say that Loki is not cinema And it was not built with the utmost care and art». Ultimately, according to the Marvel producer, “the people They just want to see good stories. If you make something great, audiences will enjoy it, whether it’s a series like this or an independent film».

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Recently, criticism of the world of comedy films has come from director such as: Matthew Vaughnwho despite having produced several films based on comic books (X-Men: First Class, Kick-Ass And triple Kingsman) thinks CGI ruined everything and that Kevin Feige It would be better for him to make fewer films, but organize them better. A point of view in fact also shared by many Marvel fans themselves, who grapple with the so-called Extraordinary fatigue.

What do you think that? Do you agree with the producer of Loki on the value of the series? Episodes of the second season with Tom Hiddleston, Jonathan Majors And Owen WilsonRemember, they go out every Friday Disney+.

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Image: Marvel – Noam Galai (Getty)

source: Geeks of color

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