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Italy vs. USA or Holland, Serbia-Canada play-off, all decided in Group C.

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After the first two days of groups in the Davis Cup finals 5 (out of 8) teams have already qualified for the final action scheduled in Malaga from November 22 to 27. Italy in Group A, Germany and Australia in Group C, USA and Holland in Group D. Group B is still open (but we’ll see if Spain qualify), while it’s up to who from Group A to keep Italy on their way to the quarter-finals.

We see the situation in all groups

Group A

Italy not only confirmed the predictions but also eliminated Croatia and Argentina with good authority. Sweden to face tomorrow. A win would see Italy top and face second in Group D (Let’s see one between the USA and the Netherlands), but if he loses, the result of Croatia-Argentina, played today, should be taken into account.

If the South Americans win today, Italy lose second (Assuming that a defeat against the Swedes would be a direct result of the conflict) and Sweden first. On the other hand, if Croatia wins today and always assumes Italy loses tomorrow, it is necessary to resort to the won match rates, then the set rates and finally the game. Two wins in the group was understood as Italy’s only certainty of qualification (first or second).

Of course, the hypothesis should not be underestimated (Not likely from what we’ve seen so far) Argentina win against Croatia and Italy win tomorrow. In that case, Italy would be in first place, with three other national teams with only one win, at which point the ranking should be considered divided according to the previously defined criteria. In any case, Italy has already qualified, except for the rain.

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The General victory at Bologna 8,500 eager spectators, including many tennis-loving children, supported the Italian national team. Bavi won the applause meter during Azzurri’s presentation. The Davis Cup will no longer be what it used to be, but it will remain a unique spectacle involving the fans and Nicolas. Pietrangeli – in an interview with director Skanagata – underlines the excitement with which a tournament victory is celebrated.

Group B

The group is more complicated following Canada’s surprising win against Spain on day two. The North Americans lead the group with 2 wins, followed by Serbia and the Iberian hosts with one win apiece, practically outside Korea.

The Spaniards have an easy task in the last round when they face Korea, Serbia-Canada is the real playoff. Assuming there is no problem with Spain’s challenge, Canada would be in first place and Spain in second place if they beat Serbia. If Serbia wins instead, there will be three teams with two wins, so in this case we will have to resort to a split classification as well.

We reject Korea’s victory over Spain (This would be tantamount to a true game suicide). If that is the case, if Canada wins the other tournament, the North Americans will be first and one would have to resort to a split ranking from the other 3 teams. If successful, Serbia will take the latter as first and Canada as second. In short, some excitement for the hosts, whose elimination would be improbable (also taking into account that the finals are held in Malaga).

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Group C

It is one of the two groups for which games have already been produced. Germany (the history of their win over Belgium yesterday) and Australia also travel to Malaga, eliminating France and Belgium.. Tomorrow’s challenge between the Germans and the Australians will determine who wins and who finishes second in the group. The winner of this group will face the second quarter-final of Group B and the second of Group C against the winner of Group D (the one between the USA and the Netherlands).

Group D

Here too we already know who is going to Malaga, like America and the surprising Holland of Kriegspoor and Van de Jantsulp. Today the two national teams will compete in a play-off match, which, as in Group C, will determine who comes first and who comes second; Remember that the second in this group will most likely face Italy. The first team in the group will face Germany and Australia in Malaga. Eliminate Great Britain (Murray lost in both doubles, Evans and Norrie lost in singles) and Kazakhstan.

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