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Football and Covid-19, protocol changed again: all the news

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Italian football, and world sport in general, is trying not to succumb to the control of the Corona virus, whose massive increase in disparate injuries from Omicron has brought the calendars of various competitions to its knees in these early stages of the calendar year.

Important news is expected from State and Territory ConferenceDuring which the latest software update was made protocol With new rules aimed at allowing team sports not to interrupt the activity, but at the same time ensuring equal treatment and compliance with the basic rules to contain the spread of the virus.

Football, a new protocol to combat the Corona virus: stop the activity with 35% of the positive team

The most important innovation of the new protocol is valid for the first division and all professional tournaments, and it was presented to the conference by the Undersecretary for Sports, Valentina Vesali , will be the mass of the whole team if the number of positive athletes is greater than 35% Athletes group members.

This is a fundamental change compared to what was created just a week ago, when it was decided to comply with UEFA’s provisions that stipulate regular dispute in matches if a team has 13 players at its disposal, including the goalkeeper.

Corona virus, the new football protocol: positive athletes in isolation

The rule, this, which allowed the full implementation of the 21st day program, even if there was no shortage of heated protests in particular from Udinese, on the pitch against Atalanta with only 13 players, but above all and only a few hours after the end of the stone The health club arranged by the local league, the team, which had been suspended before Christmas, was unable to undergo training sessions in preparation for the match.

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New Football Protocol: Feedback

In the new protocol, as reported by Ansa, isolation is also provided for positive athletes and continuous five-day testing for high-risk contacts, with the obligation to wear an FFP2 mask if you are not exercising. Regardless of vaccination status.

Now the new measures, which are determined to be temporary, to be gradually adapted to different scenarios and situations, must be examined by Scientific Technical Committee for final approval.

“Awaiting CTS evaluations – Vezzali’s first comment for Ansa following the approval of the conference – I express my satisfaction with the important result achieved by listening to the needs of the sports world, through the federations that have given a quick response to a need that has emerged from critical issues in recent days.”

Thanks to the collective work of Ministers Gilmini and Speranza and with President Fedriga, a document has been reached that provides for a unified procedure for all local health authorities and thus ensures the correct and orderly operation of the tournaments “added the former fencer.

“Thank you to Vezzali, Speranza and Fedriga, to all the Governors, and to the world of sports. The Championship continues”: this is the tweet mariastella gilminiMinister of Regional Affairs and Autonomy.


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