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Damages and black-out, details

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Anticyclone protagonist in the Mediterranean and Central Europe

High pressure team Subtropical On the contrary is penetrated The Mediterranean Sea After bringing some records of heat in the Mid-West and the Iberian Peninsula in recent days, peaking up to + 47 ° C Portugal and up to + 45 ° C Spain (More than 80 people have been affected), rises toEurope Central will be up to + 40 ° C until Tuesday London. The weather is also goodItalyThere are a few exceptions and temperatures are far from those values, but are still above average for the full summer and season.

Advancing time in the Apennines

So if the conditions Weather forecast In our country it seems to be mainly stable, with some exceptions Bad weather Isolated showers and thunderstorms in the north-west this morning and in the Apennines in the afternoon. However, during these hours and throughout the current evening There will be an improvement in weather conditionsFatigue and general stability of the cases return, with a constant or slightly increasing temperature.

A strong hurricane hit Canada

In the meantime, our peninsula faces instability and recent references Last rain in Turin (It certainly hasn’t solved the drought), and atmospheric phenomena around the world continue to be particularly extreme. A few days ago, indeed, violence Bad weather It will break Canada, This would have caused a strong cyclone which would have engulfed the region Saskatchewan, It can cause various damages and blackouts, as we will see in the next paragraph.

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Damage and power outages due to a tornado in Saskatchewan

According to what was learned from the site ““A violent cyclone would have struck near Friday, July 15 Allen, in the area Saskatchewan, Inside Canada, Above all it causes constant damages and inconveniences connected with various interruptions of the electrical path. Both potential hurricanes in the area remain under investigation and are therefore not yet confirmed. Fortunately no casualties and/or injuries were recorded in any case.

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