Home entertainment Berlin Film Festival, Another Ending: A philosophical fantasy romantic drama about the mourning process

Berlin Film Festival, Another Ending: A philosophical fantasy romantic drama about the mourning process

Berlin Film Festival, Another Ending: A philosophical fantasy romantic drama about the mourning process

“A body is just a body, in the end.” The woman explains to the hesitant and above all skeptical young man. Because it requires an act of faith, or rather love, to overcome the false sense of sight. “The essential is invisible to the naked eye,” said the Little Prince. His second feature film and first in competition Berlinale 74 (February 15-25), Piero Messina He becomes the narrator of a romantic drama packed into the philosophical fantasy genre, and a wonderfully human one. The same name as the movie title, Another end It is a therapeutic project that allows the consciousness of the deceased to be revived for a limited period of time through the living bodies of strangers, called “locators.”

Written by Messina himself, along with Giacomo Bendotti, Valentina Gaddi and Sebastiano Meloni, the script centers on a man, Sal (Gael García Bernal), dealing with the recent death of his partner, Zoe (Renate Rensef, who is also seen here competing in A Different Man) in an accident. His sister Eppie (Bérénice Bejo) encourages him to try “another ending” where she works for herself, So he could say goodbye to the love of his life in a different – and perhaps softer – way. A dystopian and utopian drama at the same time, another ending that presents itself as a dystopian and utopian drama at the same time. A variation on a theme that has already been explored for some time in science fiction literature, film and television seriesThat is, a human substitute. However, in this case we are not dealing with avatars or artificially intelligent robots, but with other humans.

This leads to more complex and clearly moral issues, which Messina's gaze manages to convey firmly by delegating the ability of the cinematic device to focus on the game of seeing the invisible while looking at the visible. In fact, Another Ending is not just a text about the mourning process and about the extremes of treatments that attempt to solve it using the most advanced technology, but it is A sensitive reflection of love as a mysterious act of faith and vice versaon sensual relativity, and finally on trust in the art of residual images, which constitute an essential deposit of memory, in which they also manage to simulate reality, and thus create their own truth.

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Undoubtedly ghost movies, It has the advantage of a high level of packaging (Indigo Film's production work is excellent) in every section, starting with Fabrizio La Palombara's icy-coloured photographic palette that illuminates and casts shadows on a futuristic city with no name, but which could be the present or… The near future of any city, A scenographic coldness contrasts with the intrinsic warmth of the emotions stagedAnd with the palpable pain of the still open wounds. Acted in English and Spanish by an excellent international cast (especially Bernal who should be commended) and which “seen as exemplary from the first joint reading of the script” manages to avoid hieratic didacticism, (proposing itself as a human challenge to the same technology here the hero. Certainly a song Another end A step forward compared to Messina's debut, WaitingA, although there are very few (but perhaps unavoidable…) “discoveries” in the scenario and they are firmly placed in the desired fruitful panorama of the new science fiction film Made in Italy. The film will be released in theaters by 01 Distribution on March 21.


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