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Italy defeats Kazakhstan and achieves the first success – OA Sport

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The first victory of the Italian women’s team reached the First Division – Group B in the World Ice Hockey Championship In progress at the Guntur Arena in Katowice (Poland). After two defeats, the first in his first appearance against Slovenia, then the second against China, Italy beat Kazakhstan 1-0, re-launching themselves in the World Championship event.

At this point, therefore, the group’s ranking sees China in first place with 9 points in three matches, and Poland in second place with 6 (with one match yet to be played). At 3 points we find Italy, Kazakhstan and Slovenia. On the other hand, South Korea is still at 0.

Italy – Kazakhstan 1-0: A very difficult challenge from the start. After the first period ends with a score of 0-0, so you have to wait for the second time to see the opening of the score. Italy succeeded at 35:09 with a Stalker assist from Judd in the power of play. At that point, our banner holders defend the advantage in the best possible way, keep clean sheets, and come home with their first major World Cup success.

Tomorrow it will be blue on the ice again at 20.00 for the match against the hosts Poland, the fifth final group game on Thursday 14th April at 13.00 against South Korea.

Photo: Image source: Diego Barbieri / FISG

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