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Driver’s license, everything changes soon: watch out for the new rule

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A real revolution will start next year. In fact, from 2023, the licensing will be digital, which represents a clear and surprising change of course.

Digital License –

This is the novelty that you brought Vittorio ColaoAnd the Minister of Technological Innovation and Digital Transformation. Not onlyItalia However, as this reform will take effect gradually throughoutEuropean Union.

The goal of digital licensing is to simplify the verification process

As mentioned, our Minister is fully cooperating with his colleagues from other countries so that a driver’s license can be generated through a QR code. By doing so, Italian citizens will be able to access it throughIo . smartphone app.

Digital License –

Based on this revolution, there will be a desire to make our driver’s license easily and quickly readable, thanks to our mobile phone, in all countries of the European Union. The rhetoric, of course, is also true in the opposite direction with our law enforcement agencies that will be able to easily check licenses issued in other European countries.

Vittorio Colao-

As mentioned, the goal is to simplify the controls but not only. This digital transformation of the driver’s license will also have positive effects on drivers who will no longer have to carry paper identification documents with them.

In fact, all our data will be available in the wallet of our smartphone, and therefore it will be constantly at hand. If there are no obstacles, this new technology will come into force from next year, at least with respect to Italy.

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This revolution will come into effect from 2023

As said, we are taking another leap forward into the future. But don’t worry for those who can’t handle technology. As seen in green passActually, too Driving license QR code can be printed.

Among other things, the hypothesis is firmly established that these new licenses can also be used to speed up the passage to the toll booth, which has always been a real nightmare for Italians.

Digital License –

In any case, from now on, we will be able to transfer our sensitive data to the mobile phone through specific websites or applications. For example, the site Aci, takes up an entire space reserved for our driver’s licence. Here we will be able to refer at any time to the number of points we currently have on the license, its expiration date, or even the plate numbers of all the cars we own.

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