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Italian Stock Exchange, commenting on today’s session (March 30, 2022)

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According to Pierre Veyret – Technical Analyst – ActivTrades – there is also a technical component to the correction today. Take profits on the securities of the banking sector

The main indicators of the Italian Stock Exchange and the main European financial markets were confirmed in negative areaAfter the significant increases achieved in the previous session. According to Pierre Ferret – Technical Analyst – at ActivTrades – there is also one Technical component to correct today In most European indices. “Stock markets need to return to new lows after the recent breakout of strong resistance levels, before hitting higher highs,” the expert said.

It’s 11.50 FTSEMib He lost 0.38% to 25,212 points, while he lost FTSE Italia all participated It decreased by 0.4%. Also minus sign for FTSE Italia medium hat (-0.76%) for The star of FTSE Italia (-0.8%).

The Bitcoin It fell to less than 47,500 dollars (less than 42,500 euros).

The BTP-Bund spread Still less than 150 points.

L ‘euro Hit $1115.

benefit from Securities for the banking sectorafter the strong rises that occurred the previous day.

Intesa San Paulo And the UniCredit The yield is 1.18% and 1.15%, respectively. .’s worst performance BancoBPM (-3.14%).

The spotlight is still on Telecom Italia TIM; Address records A 3.33% advance At a price of 0.3477 euros. The schedule with KKR is still open: according to what was written in Il Sole24Ore, the top management of the phone group was to ask the US fund for clarification on the offer made in November; Telecom Italia TIM would like to have an answer before the shareholder meeting scheduled for April 7.

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Focus on stocks in the oil sectorAfter the price of crude oil in New York (the contract expires in May 2022) rose above $106 a barrel.

where are you It rose 1.27% to 13,262 euros.

increasing general (+1.47% up to €20.02). Delfin and CRT have reported the termination of the shareholder agreement to consult on shares of Leone di Trieste. The purpose of the agreement was to hold the next Generali meeting, which called for a decision on the appointment of the new governing body, which did not stipulate any obligation by the parties in connection with the exercise of the right to vote.

At Euronext Growth, Milan focused on drugs, on the day it debuted in the price list for dynamic and competitive SMEs. record title A 6.67% progress to €2.4, after peaking at €2.9 at the start of the session. The company’s shares are set at €2.25, with an initial capitalization of €3.43 billion.

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