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Italian Stock Exchange, commenting on today’s session (23 June 2022)

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On the other hand, utilities rose sharply in the wake of lower yields on Italian government bonds. Among the small caps, the electronic price jump should be noted

The main indices of the Italian Stock Exchange and the main European financial markets Confirmed in the negative area. In particular, Frankfurt leaves one percentage point on the ground.

It’s 3.40 pm FTSEMib And it recorded a decline of 0.43% to 21,695 points, after it fluctuated between 21,452 points as a minimum and 21,968 points as a maximum. At the same time FTSE Italia all participated It decreased by 0.48%. Also minus sign for FTSE Italia medium hat (-0.91%) and for The star of FTSE Italia (-0.64%).

The BTP-Bund spread It crossed 205 points despite the Italian 10-year bond yield dropping to 3.5%.

The Bitcoin It was confirmed at $20,500 (about 19,500 euros).

L ‘euro It fell to $1.05.

Collapse Saipem Having finished the previous session with 21.6%. the address Score a 9.92% slip to €29.7 after a pause due to the downside overrun at the beginning of the day.

Negative intonation also for i Securities for the banking sector.

The Monte dei Paschi di Siena He loses 2.41% to 0.669 eurosAfter presenting the industrial plan for the period 2022/2026. Monte dei Paschi di Siena estimates pre-tax profits of €705 million in 2024, €909 million in 2026 and net profit of €1,003 billion in 2024 (benefiting from deferred tax reassessment) and €833 million in 2026, with Dividend return starting from the result of 2025 (30% payment in 2025-2026). In addition, management expects a decrease in the non-performing loan balance of 1.3 billion euros over the course of the industrial plan (from 4.1 billion currently to 2.8 billion in 2026), of which 0.8 billion is currently under disposal and is expected to be completed in the second half of 2022.

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bad performance for Paper Bank (-3.47%) H UniCredit (-3.29%).

On the other hand, utilities rose sharplyfollowing the decline in the yield on Italian government bonds. In the It earns 1.79%. very very good italgas (+2.82%) H terna (+3.3%).

ampliphone (+6.55%) scored the best performer of the day on FTSEMib.

Jump e-price (+11.5% to €0.0223, after being suspended due to height increase throughout the morning). Portobello (-0.75%) announced that it has been awarded, as part of the preliminary agreement proceedings, to the “Market” business unit owned by ePrice Operations in the amount of €6 million.

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