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Dolly Noir will dress Mastini in a special Italian Hockey Cup jersey

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On the occasion of the Italian Cup matches for the 2023-2024 season, Mastini will wear a special shirt designed and Designed by Dolly Noire (an important Italian clothing brand) in collaboration with Yop (Communications and marketing agency from Varese). Both companies are already part of the “group” of sponsors and partners of HCMV Varese Hockey for the current season and have decided to deepen the partnership.

The special match shirt will be in two versions: the home team shirt, which is predominantly yellow, and the away shirt, which is predominantly black..

words Daniele Cribaldi, founder and brand director of Dolly Noir “I have always loved the world of hockey ever since my father took me as a child to see and support the Vipers in Milan. The passion for this sport grew even greater when in 2018 we included a line called GOAT in our collections, inspired by the world of sports and especially ice hockey. “Mastini came true thanks to our 'third' agent and as soon as we saw the warmth associated with the team we fell in love immediately. When the communications agency Yop proposed a special project for the Italian Cup, we were ready to design a distinctive shirt that would be immortalized in the club's history.”

words Michela Vitella, co-owner of Yop: “This shirt is an important access point for the yellow and black communication project. A shirt that will allow you to reach audiences and circles that have not yet been explored and that will take the Mastini brand beyond the local area. Thanks to the close collaboration with our precious partner Dolly Noir, the Mastino watch enters Fashion world.”

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words President of HCMV Varese Hockey, Carlo Pino: “This process of producing a special jersey for the Italian Cup also represents an innovation for the world of ice hockey in Italy. After organizing the Final Four event last season and confirming it again in January 2024 in Varese, the company has proven that it is one step ahead and has vision when thinking about the future. For this reason, When the idea of ​​creating something special for an important national event was born, we immediately welcomed with enthusiasm the collaboration of Dolly Noire and Yop Comunicazione on this project. The aim of this new special T-shirt is to highlight the Mastino region and our city of Varese, at the national level and beyond the borders. In fact, it will also be sold “The shirt is available online on the Dolly Noir platform. We thank the two partners who together contributed to bringing this wonderful project to life.”

The HCMV VARESE HOCKEY “Special Edition Italian Cup – Dolly Noir” T-Shirt will be available to purchase from the brand’s website, with the number 89 desired by the brand.

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