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Italian Hockey League, last day of the regular season – FISG

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After the Cuomo recaptures (against Varese and Unterland) and the decisions regarding Aleg Cuomo last December 26, IHL has reached the last day of the first phase. Looking at the standings, the round will be very important, with Viemi and Caldaro playing first and second, Bergen and Allege playing fourth, while Dobbiaco and Varese could swap sixth with a string of results.

Lucci vs Linke, today’s match is great

The big match of the day, valid for recovery from day nine, will be the 18.30 game in Caldaro, where it will host Lucci Bergen. The hosts who got on schedule after the endless and challenging derby match with Appiano, won overtime after a game that always comes back. Caldaro once again showed his consistency, managing to make up for a decidedly not-fantastic day and claim the fourth win in a row. A missing point can cost the scales first place, but in the Masters Tour, Barnes has every chance of winning against any opponent. Bergen is a tough team too, despite suffering two consecutive defeats. Especially the last one, 5-1 straight into the Alleghe, has eclipsed many of the Lynx’s beautiful tests in the past period. It must be said, however, that Trentino’s players have already shown several times this season that they can play equally against every opponent, and Sanvedo’s inclusion in attack gave an important extra card to a division that needed to be added.

Valdivimi host Brixen to win the regular season

On paper, Fiemme’s mission seems simple, which in order to secure first place you need to succeed at Bressanone. In Cavalese, Trentino players will be looking for their third win in a row, starting with the 3-1 stellar score they won at Igna. In the Challenge Against Unterland, we saw Fiemme able to resist in defense by holding onto Betty’s traits and then being tough on the third opponent. Excellent encouragement for training which is given to many young people in view of the future, young people who are still a bit immature in the Bressanone house. The Falcons are pinned to ninth and penultimate place in the standings, and despite showing good things against Caldaro and Dobbiaco, they appear to be struggling especially in attack. It’s hard to think of the ability to beat the leader’s path, even if this IHL has shown many surprises so far.

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The pirates are waiting for Alleghe. Appiano, who has not won since last October 14

Appiano wraps up the first stage by hosting Alleghe and looking for a win missing since October 14th. Determined to change their pace in the second half of the season, the Pirates are aiming to grow the group that put up on Thursday under Caldaro, only coming out of the defeat in overtime. Franchini is increasingly integrated into offensive mechanics, von Baer and Engel’s assertions, and Baller’s beautiful performance have come close among publications: there are many topics of challenge that the hacker will attempt to try to achieve this victory so many times but only touched upon. Pay attention to Alleghe’s desire to try to overtake in fourth place. We still have to decide on the challenge that we don’t play against Cuomo on December 26th, but in the meantime the Owls are trying to get three points that will be very important. The 5-1 win over Bergen showed that a team from Veneto certainly had the ball on the ball, able to enhance the qualities of strikers like Berger or de Val, and the best IHL defense with only 38 goals conceded: excellent so far goalkeeper Scola’s season leads Liga growing.

The amazing Dobbiaco challenges Malfatti’s Varese

Dobbiaco-Varese almost playoff for sixth place. Between the track factor and the situation described in the past few weeks, Pusterese’s team is the favourite, given the last three wins and above all the integration into a team of elements such as Schweitzer, Elliscasis and Alex De Lorenzo, all of whom are already decisive in the past few weeks. The Icebears are emerging as one of the most advanced teams this season, aiming to finish their first stage with a three-point win. It’s hard to guess what Varese can deliver in this challenge, the first without Paraso but with Malfati at the helm. Mastini certainly isn’t short on potential, with several talented players, but often the yellow and black team has been choppy during the same game, failing to find continuity. So we will see what the new interim coach will change and how the team will also respond mentally after the sudden resignation of the coach who moved to Asiago at the beginning of the week. In order to surpass the standings in Varese, we need a double success between this match in Dobbiaco and recovery with Como.

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Italian Hockey League – Regular Season – Round 18 – 02 January 2022

18:00 HC Iban Appiano Alleg Hockey
18:30 SV Kaltern Caldaro rothoblaas Hockey Bergen Sabines
20:00 AHC Toblach Dobbiaco Icebears HC Varese 1977
20:30 Valdifiemme HC HC Falcons Brixen Bressanone

The challenge between Caldaro and Bergen Saleh as a recovery from the ninth first leg match. The second leg of the Round of 18 was played on November 25, with Caldaro winning in Bergen for 3:1.

Como – Unterland Challenge postponed due to medical precautions

Arrangement of international humanitarian law as of December 30 2o21

1 Valdivemi HC 37 points (17 games)
2 SV Caltern Caldaro Rothoplas 36 points (17 games)
3 Hockey League Interland Cavaliers 33 points (17 games)
4 hockey Bergen Sabines 29 points (17 games)
5 Allegiant Hockey 28 points (16 games)
6 AHC Toblach Dobbiaco Icebears 24 Points (17 Parts)
7 Hockey Cuomo 23 points (15 games)
8 HC Varese 1977 19 points (16 games)
9- HC Falcons Brixen Bressanone 13 points (17 games)
10 points HC Eppan Appiano 7 points (17 games)

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