Home sport Italian Hockey League, Derby leaders Caldaro. Great match Toplash – Varese

Italian Hockey League, Derby leaders Caldaro. Great match Toplash – Varese


The second day of the second round of the Italian Hockey League, 11th place in the tournament that has already presented many twists and turns of different teams.

Icebears vs. Hounds

The big match will be the one between Dobbiaco and Varese, who will battle it out starting at 8pm in South Tyrol for very heavy points in the Master Round switch. The Icebears are coming back from defeat in Como, which arrived at the end of a bad game, so they’ll want to get up straight away by betting hard as always on the Majul-Capannelli duo, with the latter feeling the game a lot. as before. Mastiffs, on the other hand, are reduced from 4 to 1 in Bressanone and know that they have to find heavy far points to shorten the arrangement, so they have an obligation to try each track. With a long and deep roster, Coach Deveze can make the yellow and black run four lines, always trying to find some surprises to hit the opposition defences.

Caldaro chiefs in Bressanone
At the same time, Bressanone Caldaro, the only South Tyrolean derby today. The owners are coming back from three defeats in a row and, just like last season, after a good start they have sucked into the bottom of the standings. The problem is purely offensive, given the 19 goals scored in 10 matches, but with the return of Cianfrone and Eruzione, the team has at least been able to suggest different risks to opposing goalkeepers. Caldaro has just returned to the leaders, coming back from 5-0 against Aleg where they prove, as always, to be a cynical, organized and above all very strong defensive team. The goal of Luccis is to achieve success without much concern to maintain the first place in the world rankings.

Bulldog vs pirate
At 20.30 I go home to Valpellice who will host Appiano. The 3-1 cut to Fiemme in the Cavalese was a breath of fresh air for the Bulldogs, who came back to win after three defeats, and above all a display of the group values ‚Äč‚Äčavailable to coach Dino Grossi. Torres fights every puck and knows how to be very compact in guarding their goalkeeper Basrawi, and then finds the strength to attack in attack with many players, given that behind the top scorer Cordan (4) there are several teammates who ended up on the score sheet. The match against the Pirates will certainly be interesting, as you will also come back from winning away at Bergen for 2 to 1. The young Gialloubli are growing very well and even in the most contested and drawn out matches they can compete against everyone else. On an equal footing. The goal is to maintain a two-win streak for Appiano, who is currently third.

Derby is red and white in Feltre between Civit and Lenti
Another match in Feltre is in favor of Aleg, who will be able to find de Toni again starting next week. Meanwhile, the Owls greet Bergen in an all-white and red derby. So far, Agordini’s season has been categorically affected by logistical and roster problems, with injuries and absences that have forced coach Fontana to shuffle the cards often. However, there were occasions when Aliji came close to grabbing his first championship points, proving he had good qualities. After that, Bergin should be good at facing the game with the right mentality, given that Linke’s rank is yet to be decided. Defeat against Appiano was a small setback for a team that showed they could win against anyone, with an emphasis on high level foreigners and excellent defence.

Sunday ends Cuomo’s day: Al-Aryan vs. Valdivimi
Sunday postponement between Como and Fiemme closes the program. The Larians are the best team in the IHL, and after four straight wins, they will try to raise their voice even with the Trentino players. After a stuttering start, Massimo da Ren’s side found good defensive solidity but above all plenty of fluidity up front, with the Harwell-Caletti-DiNicola line proving so far unstoppable to almost every defence. To visit them comes Fiemme who is not living his best moment and, thanks to many absences, finds himself with a rather short list. So it will not be easy for the Trentino players to try to beat Casate, first of all it will require focused and efficient testing in their half of the track, where Como has shown that they are a team capable of scoring frequently.


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