Home entertainment Batgirl: Warner will host ‘funeral’ shows for cast and crew | Cinema

Batgirl: Warner will host ‘funeral’ shows for cast and crew | Cinema

Batgirl: Warner will host ‘funeral’ shows for cast and crew |  Cinema

We are well aware that for financial reasons and for reasons of internal reorganization a Discover Warner Bros.And the bat girlThe movie starring Leslie Grace, directed by Adel El Araby and Bilal Falah, has been canceled in post-production. We also know, as the directors themselves have told, that to avoid leaks of any kind, The company has removed it from the company’s servers, or at least made files of various material related to the movie so inaccessible that the directors could not save practically anything. A move that, but it seems “harsh” It makes perfect sense: it’s a movie “doesn’t belong” It’s set to direct because it’s based on the DC Comics comic book property, and thus of Warner Bros. Discovery.

However, the Hollywood Reporter reported that during this week, the flagship will be organizing shows “Funeral” From the feature film (obviously this is a working version because post-production and editing are still in progress, editor) intended for the people who worked on it changeFor, from the cast to the crew. It will be an opportunity to bid the final farewell to the film before it goes to “best life” Inside some inaccessible studio archives (physical or digital that we don’t know about).

but this is not all. In a video entrusted to Instagram, the two directors told their version about the facts about the abolition of the sinecomic and how they learned about it. “a crime” while they were in Morocco.

Falah: I was in Tetouan visiting the graves of my grandfather and grandmother. When I was leaving, I looked at the phone and saw that there were a lot of messages. I got a phone call they told me “Batgirl Gold”.

Elaraby: I was in Tangiers, at the hotel, on our honeymoon with my wife. Suddenly my phone rang. Meanwhile, I was getting all these messages telling me they were going to delete the movie. When I heard it with my own ear, I was shocked, because I had never thought that the possibility even existed. It was like we were making movie history. I called our editor, Martin Walsh, to tell him to back the film, to copy everything. One thing I regret is that it is not the right thing to do. But I was in a panic. Hacking is not a good thing. But what can we do? Thinking that we can’t get to the movie we worked on is a hard thing to swallow.

Here is the video:

But, as we know, the studio had already protected itself by making the material inaccessible.

Material, as identified by El-Araby and Falah, was in its initial state because it still lacked additional footage, special effects, and scenes to be included in the montage.

However, despite the unpleasant experience of cancellation, Batgirl’s treatment was so positive that she would be willing to work again with Warner and DC Comics, as they were able to speak in an interview with a French newspaper. When asked, the Arab and Falah replied:

Insha Allah (Insha Allah, editor in Arabic) as they say. Fingers intertwined. If they call us back, we’re there.

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source: The Hollywood ReporterAnd the Cnews FR


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