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“Help us, on equal terms, the Ukrainian army is stronger than the Russian army” –

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from Foreign editorial staff

The Ukrainian president no longer talks about negotiations. “If we had gotten all the weapons we needed, we would have already ended this war,” he said overnight. “We had already restored peace and liberated our lands.”

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a video message overnight that supplying the West with other weapons in time would “save thousands of lives”. Most of the Russian armed forces are ready to fight Concentrated in the territory of eastern UkraineThe head of state however explained that The armed forces of Kyiv, on equal terms, proved to be superior to those in Moscow. “If we had access to all the weapons we need, which our partners have and which can be compared with the weapons used by the Russian Federation, we would have already put an end to this war,” said the Ukrainian president. “We had already restored peace and liberated our lands from the occupiers. Because the superiority of the Ukrainian army in tactics and efficiency is very clear … ».

Again, as he has been doing since the start of the war, Zelensky dictated the line: Every day representatives of the Kyiv government were giving Western headlines, playing before the propaganda of Moscow, and also because the Russians put them – with their constant bombings – on the condition that they do so. But peace negotiations have disappeared from these headlines in recent weeksOnly replaced by battle: the two sides have not met since March 29 and the Ukrainian president continues to ask for arms, also because it is difficult to deal with an enemy trying to eliminate you. “It is unfair that Ukraine is still forced to demand what its partners have been storing somewhere for years,” Zelensky said overnight.

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“If they have the weapons that Ukraine needs here, they need them now, and if they have the ammunition we need here and now, Their moral duty is primarily to help protect freedom. Help save thousands of Ukrainian lives.” “If we had received what we are getting now in the first week of the war, the benefit to Ukraine and freedom in Europe would have been greater, I am sure. what if Now we get what some partners intend to offer to Ukraine in the coming weeks, This will save thousands of lives. I hope our partners hear this talk and understand that every day counts. Any delay in helping Ukraine gives the occupiers the opportunity to kill more Ukrainians.

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