Home entertainment “It seems that the prince is forcing her …”. Another frenzy of politically correct madness for Disney

“It seems that the prince is forcing her …”. Another frenzy of politically correct madness for Disney

“It seems that the prince is forcing her …”.  Another frenzy of politically correct madness for Disney

anger politically correctthe one who tends to look for evil everywhere, even when it does not exist, strikes again, and this time, overwhelms ArielRed-haired mermaid princess. We were wrong if we thought we’d already seen enough when she screamed the wake-up kiss snow whiteWhat charming prince He grants them to free her from the wicked witch’s curse, without first asking her consent (Ah sure, she was a victim of a spell, even if she had given her consent, they would have made the prince look like a bad guy taking advantage of a poor girl who can’t understand and want). Or when, in the name of political correctness, the indignation of the respectable part of public opinion, which cleans your conscience by fighting caricatures, was lined up against the characters of Siamese cats in Lady and the Tramp, which were removed from the remake in the live version because they are considered “racism against Asians” And again because it is considered discriminatory, against crows DumboAmerican Indians Peter PanAnd King Louis From the jungle book and multiracial kennel, again, from Lady and the Tramp.

kiss her song

These days, the news of change for the composer of the live action music of The Little Mermaid, Alan Menckenfrom the lyrics of some of the original songs, according to what he himself declared, “adapted to contemporary sensibilitiesIn the dock, guilty of striking at the sensibility of modern society and the great values ​​it carries with it, is the song “Baciala” whose script adjustment proves necessary to stop people, “becoming so sensitive – as Mankin explained – about the idea that Prince Eric somehow forced Ariel, They felt a heavy blow. And also for Mermaid A more virtuous story compared to the one he told will be rewritten Disneyjust as I did, in fact, with A remake of Snow White distorted even in the most distinct elements. “Soon afterwards—the Queen, ed.—she bore a little daughter as white as snow, and as red as blood, and with hair as black as ebony; and they named her Snow-White,” I wrote. Brothers Grimm. And just like that, in 1937, he was represented Disney. It is clear, however, that she represented characteristics that were so far removed from the sensitivity of the majority, that in the live action, the role of the protagonist was assigned to an actress, of a Colombian mother and a Polish father, with origin. The description of the fairy tale has nothing to do with it .. very little.

The right political victim

There’s no denying: We can only be thankful for all that political correctness, that respect, and the commitment of so many to foster a “cancel culture” if our children can grow up in a better world full of values. We now look forward to finding out who the next Disney Princess to join the movement will be Me too.


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