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“It might be terrible, but I’m doing it now.”

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success Barbie Now confirmed in numbers: Greta Gerwig movie had become Highest revenue for 2023far exceeded Billion dollars in revenue And he became a Instant worship. But this does not mean that before its release there were not many doubts, as the director herself revealed.

During a meeting in BFI London Film Festival Yesterday, Sunday, October 8, 2023, Greta Gerwig revealed a strange anecdote related to one of the most successful and famous scenes in her film with… Margot Robbie And Ryan Gosling – Or sequence with Song “I’m Just Kane”. Since its release, just a few days before Barbie arrived in theaters, it has won the admiration of many fans, but how hard the director had to fight to maintain it.

«In the script I wrote “Then the scene becomes a dream ballet and they resolve things with dancing.The person in question said directly – There was a big meeting where they asked me if I really needed it, and I said: “Every part of me needs it.”». The producers had a strange reaction when they asked what “dream ballet” was and even had some difficulty defining it.

The sequence is undeniably iconic: it’s the moment in which the Kens (of all the Kens) confront their discomfort with being Barbie’s “accessories”, and use it as justification to overthrow power in Barbieland. A scene from which Greta Gerwig inspired a classic Singing in the rain: «The audience can continue singing in the rain, I was sure we wouldn’t have any problems. I thought people would understand what it was about. So that was the big reference point». Then he also added: “Even though everything seemed so good and it gave me so much happiness the way we did it, I also thought: “Oh no, It might be terrible, but I do it now.».

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The result seems to have proven her right, so much so that according to some important directors, Barbie now deserves to win the Academy Award for Best Picture. Do you agree with this hypothesis? Tell us yourself in the comments.

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