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‘It may be a natural vaccine nearing the end of the epidemic’

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Russian President Russian President Vladimir Putin Rest assured about the spread of the new version of Corona virus disease. “The varante Omicron It could be a natural vaccine,” was the Kremlin’s number one confirmation on television yesterday during an interview on the progress of the epidemic released to the Russian news station Rbc. But he concluded that it was “not fair, however, to draw affected conclusions” put it in.

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Variant Omicron

Even if all experts welcome with great interest and concern, the spread of the new Covid Omicron variant may be less harmful than expected for Putin, who has compared it to a type of ‘live vaccine’ or natural vaccine. «According to the data collected so far, this alternative does not seem as harmful as some imagine, for some experts it may be a natural vaccine that is nearing the end of the epidemic.Putin explained.

The Russian president repeated his version that concerns about Omicron were premature, even to members of the government at a meeting in Sochi yesterday.

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This is not the first time that the term “natural vaccine” has been used in Russia in connection with the spread of Omicron. Peter ChumakovMember of the National Academy of Sciences Head of an important laboratory Engelhardt has already asked the question and it has caused quite a stir in the academic world.

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It is this opinion also Professor Anatoly Altstein from the Center for Aesthetic Research accordingly “If the evidence continues to appear as a A ‘milder’ Covid strain that avoids severe illness in most cases, could serve as a natural vaccine».

A variant is more contagious but leads to less serious consequences in positive subjects. This is the basic thesis on Omicron by Puntin and the two experts.

Omicron as a vaccine

However, a significant part of the Russian scientific community currently considers the use of the Omicron variant as a vaccine unlikely, deliberately infecting citizens. Studies on this issue are still very immature, and at the moment, the details of the disease caused by the Omicron variant are unknown to the global scientific community.

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