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It looks like the Wild West, but the location of the “Django” series is in Europe

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“Django,” the long-awaited Sky and Canal+ original series, is a tribute to one of the masters of the “spaghetti western” like Sergio Corbucci, who also inspired the great Quentin Tarantino with the blockbuster “Django Unchained” by 2012.

The TV series is in ten episodes, four of which are directed by Francesca Comencini while the other is directed by David Evans and Enrico Maria Artali, featuring Matthias Schoenaerts as Django, Nomi Rapace, the ruthless Elizabeth Thurman and Nicholas Pinnock as John. Ellis

It is the story of a man who, after setting out in search of revenge, will end up fighting for something greater. The series is set in Texas in the late nineteenth centuryespecially in a fictional city called New Babylonbut in reality it was filmed in a very different location than the Far West we all imagine it to be.

Website of the TV series “Django”

To find the right location, the production didn’t have to go that far. Secluded wild landscapes, where nature reigns, and where horses are Cowboys Can run around kicking the dust and where natural rock formations can provide the perfect sanctuary for guys like gunslinger Julian Wright, aka Django, it feels like desolate 19th century Texas but they found it in Romania.

About 250 km north of the capital Bucharest There is an area of ​​wonderful volcanic origin, the Rakos Park area, in the Brasov region, practically in Transylvania. Here, Mother Nature has sculpted a landscape that appears to have been created by a landscape architect.

full Old Wild West from the movies. This no less scenic area has been declared a nature reserve, but few tourists know about its existence. the Racos volcanothe “youngest” of all giving its name to the entire district.

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The crater looks like a giant “basket” with a reddish border, surrounded by blood-red and black sand dunes of lava. A short distance away, there is a large mound of red earth with a large furrow visible from far away that reminds us of when this earth was used to gather ashes. The vegetation that grows throughout this area has adapted over the centuries toarid environment It can survive for a long time even without water.

The wonders of Racus Volcano in Romania

This region is famous throughout Romania not only for its volcano but also for its wonderful lakeEmerald Lake. The sight of the moon standing out before the eye is unique. The color of the water is really emerald and it is surrounded basalt walls It’s clearly mirrored in it.

The lake may have been formed because excavations previously carried out in quarries in the area reached at a certain point the level of water that filled the gap. But according to some, the cavity actually existed and filled with rain water over the years. If you then add the stunning basalt columns that look like petrified tree trunks, the place becomes a fairy tale.

The volcano with its emerald lake and rock formations makes it one of the most amazing places to be found Romania And they are definitely worth a trip, especially if you are a fan of TV series and websites.

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