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Campania region, in the Budget Code 5 million to S. Carlo, 2 to the City of Science

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Five million euros for the San Carlo Theater in Naples, 2 million euros for Idis Science City Measures to support women victims of violence. These are some provisions of the UAE Regional Stability Law Campania 2022 incardinata in the budget committee of the regional council which we aim to get approval before Christmas.

The Regional Stability Law states the following: a reformulation of the additional regional income tax, Illustrate them with income parentheses; Review, restructuring and renegotiation of financial supply contracts in effect on December 31, 2021 for value reduction Cost of debt with accrued interest; simplification of the procedure for recognizing the legality of off-balance sheet debt arising from executive provisions by decision of the regional council; Financing the Regional Fund for the Right to Education in Secondary School in the amount of €1 million for each of the years 2022, 2023 and 2024; Civil service refinancing in the amount of €500,000 for each year from 2022 and 2023; – Financing of regional interventions aimed at promoting and supporting sports, motor sport, sports and leisure activities in the amount of 400,000 euros for 2022. Financing of the Regional Fund for the Support of Children of Victims of Fatal Accidents at Work in the amount of 100,000 euros for each of the years 2022, 2023 and 2024; Allocate 12 million euros to the Regional Social Fund for 2022; The “During Us – After Us” fund, which aims to support the social integration of disabled citizens, endowed with €500,000 for 2022; Measures to support the social hardships of women victims of violence and their children with an amount of €500,000 for the year 2022.

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In addition, financing of 1.5 million euros is expected for 2022 for interventions in order to encourage the participation of citizens in cultural activities; Financial resources for the triennium 2022-2024 in favor of to watch equals a total of 12 million euros, Financial interventions in the field of cultural activities and, in particular, 5 million euros for the independent organization Teatro di San Carlo in Naples and 2 million in favor of the euro Municipal Theater “Giuseppe Verdi” in Salerno; refinancing of regional laws on cultural promotion with special reference to libraries and museums in the regional territory, which are equivalent to 735,500 euros for 2022, 705,500 euros for 2023 and 2024 and 575,000 euros for each of the years 2022, 2023 and 2024, respectively; Financial resources of €2 million for the City of Science Foundation of Addis City in Naples; Financing €500,000 for 2022 from the Housing Support Fund to stimulate policies aimed at enhancing the architectural quality of the urban and rural environment.

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